Stage Rental Screen 3.91 Smd Full Color Led Display Indoor /outdoor Led Video Wall Price

Stage Rental Screen 3.91 Smd Full Color Led Display Indoor /outdoor Led Video Wall Price

Outdoor P3.91 LED Display Features Stainless steel latch connection, more robust, stable and safe; Die-casting aluminum one-time molding, high precision, stitching seamless; Professional aviation plug, beautiful and stable, low loss; Can be customized dual power backup to prevent unexpected...

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Rental P3.91 LED Display
P3.91LED display uses a special box structure, the surface of the professional plastic packaging, the back of the design of waterproof troughs and waterproof apron, water level reached IP65 standard (equivalent to the degree of water shock); P3.91 stage rental LED As the lightest rental screen in the four-dimensional Xin optical rental series, the display adopts the design concept of light, thin and fine. The weight of the box is only 2.8 kg and the finished screen is only 6 kg. The disassembly and maintenance of the screen are very convenient, which can effectively save labor costs and transportation costs. High-quality SMD technology, and unique hardware system to ensure the screen has a perfect display.
Selection of high refresh IC, SMD-LED, high-quality power supply, the standard iron and other key materials,

Screen brightness up to 800-2000nits, with high-density, high-definition, high grayscale, high efficiency (energy),

High contrast, high quality, unique appearance, safe, stable, reliable, fast response and other advantages.

The first brightness can be adjusted freely, the picture viewing angle is bigger, the definition is higher,

Bring perfect and meticulous display effect.



Mainly used in high-end entertainment venues, theme parks, bars, disco, auditorium, Grand Theater, large-scale song and dance show, fashion show, film and television studio digital stage, building curtain wall and other places.



Selection of high quality imported light-emitting materials, high-quality LED display dedicated IC chip design, with a small package of high-brightness large angle anti-static characteristics; noise-free high-power power supply; ℃ ~ 55 ℃ temperature range to use.

● Formatting without formatting, the display mode can be arranged by user freely; text animation of video images can be displayed; and the amount of information displayed is not limited.

● Compatible with Asynchronous Support both synchronous control and asynchronous control; in the control computer failure, can still be displayed normally.

● circuit board circuit board using wave soldering process, with green oxygen layer, to prevent the damp lines of oxidation and improve the service life.

● Three anti-paint to protect circuit boards and related equipment from the erosion of the environment; Has a good high temperature performance; It is cured into a layer of transparent protective film, with excellent insulation moisture proof Leakage protection Shockproof dustproof Anti-corrosion anti-aging Corona resistance and other properties.

● Shockproof test Shockproof test for the body before shipping, to eliminate the box screw wire connection problems; to ensure that the display after long-distance transport, no bad contact, suitable for long-distance transport.

● Easy maintenance Guangxiang technology modular design, display stability, installation and maintenance more convenient and can be charged maintenance.



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