P4.81 Outdoor Rental Led Display

Outdoor P4.81 LED Display Features The module adopts automatic potting machine filling glue to ensure that the module potting evenly, smooth, good water resistance. The modules are over three anti-paint to protect the circuit boards and related equipment from the environment, with excellent...

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HD Display

16Bits high grayscale, 1920 high refresh, 1200-5000nits indoor highlight, fantastic crisp and delicate display, showing you the perfect visual enjoyment.


Lightweight. Seamless stitching

Set design templates bars between the splicing error control within ± 0.1mm easy to install, according to the needs of users made of any shape. Magnesium aluminum cabinet design weight only heavy 8KG.


Fright Case

Airbox internal use of full version of EPE isolation:

Better cushioning performance, transport more secure, but also configure the air distribution cabinets, mobile display solution to problems, easy to follow.


Packaging & Delivery

Outdoor P4.81 advertising led video mesh programmable display TV screen 
1.Environmental Friendly Carton 
2. Safe Flight Box 
3.Anti-shaking Wooden Case


Shenzhen, China

Lead Time :

12-15 working days



 how about the warranty?

 the important :two years warranty to guarrantee your goods,within the warranty,if the modules or other spare parts were broken by the itself reason,please let us know in time,the new spare parts will be sent to you as promised.


 What are the differences between the outdoor ,indoor, semi-outdoor LED display ?

1:Brightness: the brightness of indoor LED displays are much less than the outdoor and the semi-outdoor LED display. The brightness Of outdoor LED display and the semi-outdoor LED display are closed.

2:waterproof level: indoor and semi-outdoor LED display are not waterproof.


What a led display can show exactly? 
1. Video play: It can play various signals, such as TV, DVD,VCD. It can also switch to different videos at any time, and zoom or cut video operation.
2. Word processing: It can display various character with different fronts, types and character information, it also may roll up the pages, shift, rotate, snow flow, screen rolling, glint and more than other 10 types display functions.
3. Picture display: It can play various graphics, pictures, such as BMP ,JPG ,GIF ,TIFF ,TXT ,DOC,PPT format etc.
4. Cartoon demonstration: It can play two or three cartoons, and revivify the vivid effect of the picture
5. Random layout: The powerful software can play video images, characters, graphics independently, tile up the characters information and cartoons etc.

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