P6.67mm DIP 3in1 Outdoor LED Display

Traditional advertising can only show pictures, But the LED display/LED video wall/LED screen can perfect combine text, pictures, video, and sound with high resolution, high brightness and full color! The LED display Advertising screen can easily attract the attention of pedestrians, and also...

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Traditional advertising can only show pictures, But the LED display/LED video wall/LED screen can perfect combine text, pictures, video, and sound with high resolution, high brightness and full color! The LED display Advertising screen can easily attract the attention of pedestrians, and also are easy to remember, which can generate greater Advertising effectiveness.

The Led display screen now are widely applied in media advertising, transportantion, Security,

Real estate and Stage show background.

Traditional DIP is RGB seperated, But our DIP is RGB 3 in1, color and brightness too much. The balance of the too much better viewing angel.

Packing: Wooden case, flight case and carton case

The mode of transportation: Sea shipping, Airshipping and Express

Payment: Western Union/T/T

P6.67 Led Display Screen

Place of Origin: Guangdong, 

China (Mainland)

Brand Name: SJ(LED VISUAL)

Usage: Outdoor

Tube Chip Color: Full Color

Display Function: Video

Pixels: 6.67

Screen Dimension: customized size

Brightness: ≥ 7000cd/sq.m

Item No.: P6.67 (3IN1)-4D-6S-V3.0

1. Technical Parameters

P6.67 DIP 3 IN1 Full Color LED Display Technical Parameters

Led Module

Item NO.

P6.67 (3IN1)-4D-6S-V3.0

Led Encapsulation


Pixel Configuration

1R1G1B (DIP3 in 1)

Led Wave Length

R: 620-630nm, G:520-530nm, B:465-475nm

Pixel Pitch


Module Resolution

48x24 dots

Module Dimension


Module Weight


Frame Set Material

black PC

HUB Type


Power Watt


Led Cabinet

Cabinet Resolution

144x144 dots

Cabinet Dimension


Cabinet Weight


Cabinet Material

waterproof  steel cabinet

Module Quantity


Pixel Density


Protection Class

Front IP65, Rear IP54

Surface Smoothness

Gap≤ 1mm

Optical Parameter


≥ 7000cd/sq.m.

Viewing Angle

H:120°,  V:60°

Viewing Distance


Best Viewing Distance


Gray Scale

16384(14bit) input

Display Colors

16.7 million

Brightness Adjust

0-255 scale

Brightness Correction

pixels, modules, cabinets

Electrical Parameter


AC220V ±20%

Power Consumption

Max:780w/sq.m., Ave:390 w/sq.m.

Working Voltage


Processing Performance

Drive Type

1/6 constant driving

Driving IC


Screen Refresh Rate


Change Frame Frequency


Use Parameter

Control transmission Distance

Cat5 network cable≤ 120m, fiber≥ 120m

Supported Video graphics Matrix

1024x768, 1280x1024, 1600x1200, 1920x1280


composite interface, super video, component video graphics array, interactive digital video systems, high-definition multimedia interface, high definition standard data interface.

Operating Temperature

-40°c ~+80°c

Operating Humidity

10~95% relative humidity


Computer synchronization


100,000 hours


5,000 hours

Runaway Rate

≤  0.02%

1. Module Characteristics

(1) Lamps: 3 in 1 DIP570 encapsulation with tube, holder and epoxy resin of good quality, thick glue for sun UV light, to protect LED Chips stable lifespan. High brightness, low attenuation, high reliability, good consistency, strong environmental adaptability.

(2) The black stripe mask of module: The black mask makes better color contrast with the display. And it keeps the screen body safe, away from dust, sunshine, collision of lamps.

(3) Surface coating on PCB board: makes it moisture-proof, waterproof and anti-corrosion.

(4) Multilayer PCB structure: uniform current distribution, low-power consumption, fast heat dissipation. It extends lifespan of the led display.

(5) Protection design: circuit with anti - interference and black screen protection design makes the led display more perfect.

(6) High strength reinforced suite: module is strong and the screen will be flatter.

Data Chase

2. Various Cabinet Options:

(1) Simple Steel Cabinet


Ø Excellent thermal design

Ø simple & tidy wires arrangement.

(2) Die-Cast Alum. Cabinet


Ø Fast locking device

Ø Excellent thermal design

Ø Waterproof IP54

Ø Tidy Cabling System

Ø Die-cast aluminum molding with high strength and strong toughness

Ø Single handed

(3) Rental Cabinet

(4) Steel Waterproof Cabinet

3. Application

(1) Guiding system apply in stations, ports, airports etc.

(2) Information system applies in advertisement, telecommunication, Security Company, bank, department, restaurant, entertainment, sports stadium etc.

(3) Outdoor media advertising apply on highway, building, shopping mall etc.

4. FAQ

(1) What’s 3 in 1 encapsulation?

3 in 1 encapsulation is 1R1G1B chips are encapsulated in one lamp. It’s our new patent technology. It’s much BETTER than traditional encapsulation that 1 R1G1B are encapsulated in three lamps.

(2) What are the characteristics of 3 in 1 encapsulation?

a) Smaller pixel pitch: The smaller pixel pitch it is, the better viewing effect viewer will get. Images are clearer, vivider and more exquisite. There is no doubt that small pixel pitch screen is more appealing to rental market.

b) No color distortion: excellent color mixing with better consistency. Chips line vertically. Any viewing angle within range H: 120/V: 60° without distortion. But the traditional 1R1G1B encapsulation show different colors when viewing from different angle.

c)  Cost-saving: Less legs and glue, saves material cost and labor cost for processing fewer legs.

d) Full color and bright luster: unique encapsulation, bigger chips, round top cap makes full color and high brightness, low attenuation uses thick glue for sun UV light, hence it protect LED Chips stable lifespan.

e) Lower Failure Rate: Less needles and 2/3 less lamps improve the performance and reliability and reduce failures.

5. Cautions

(1) Switch LED Electronic Display Precautions

a) Switch Order: Turn on screen: first computer, then screen. Turn off screen: first screen, then computer. If you operate on the contrary, lamps will easily burn with high bright on the screen.

b)  Switching screen time interval more than 5 minutes.   

c) The screen power is only allowed to turn on until control system sofware begin work.

d)  Avoid turning on the screen at all white screen state. At this time maximum current will impact system.

e) Avoid turning on screen in the out of control in 3 aspects: Have not entered control software and other computer programs yet. The computer if off power. The control section is off power. At this time maximum current will impact system.

f) Environment temperature is too high or the heat is in poor condition, you’d better not to operate the screen for a long time.

g) When part of the body line electronic display becomes abnormal bright, you’d better not to operate the screen for a long time.

h) If the power of the display switches frequently, you’d better check the screen body or replace the power switch.

i)  Regularly check the situation firmly attached at. If loosening, pay attention to timely adjust and re-strengthening or updating hanging pieces.

j) According to the environment of the big display screen, place anti-poison to avoid insect bites or rat bites when it’s necessary.

(2) Control changes part of the change note:   

a) Do not reverse null lines and power lines of computer and control equipment. You should strictly plug in specific position. For PCI device, you should test whether the cabinet is charged after the connection.

b) You should make sure the connection line and control panel are not loose before using mobile computers and other control equipment.

c) Do not change the position and length of the communication lines, flat connection line.

d) You should promptly find the problem, if short circuit, switch trip, firing line, smokes and other abnomal situation. Repeated test with power is not allowed.

(3) Note the use of software:

a) Software backup: WIN2003, WINXP, applications, software installation programs, databases and so on. “one-key reset" software is recommended for easy-operating.

b) Master methods of installation, original data recovery, and backup.

c) Master methods of setting control parameter, modification of preset basic data.

d) Be familiar with using, operation and editing programs.

e) Regularly check for viruses, delete extraneous data.

f) Non-full-time staff is not allowed to operate the software system.

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