Easy Installation Stage Led Panel Outdoor SMD Full Color Video Screen P3.91 LED Display

Easy Installation Stage Led Panel Outdoor SMD Full Color Video Screen P3.91 LED Display

Outdoor P3.91 LED Display Features Stainless steel latch connection, more robust, stable and safe; Die-casting aluminum one-time molding, high precision, stitching seamless; Professional aviation plug, beautiful and stable, low loss; Can be customized dual power backup to prevent unexpected...

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Outdoor P3.91 LED Display
Pitch Pixel3.91mmPixels
Module size250*250mmScan method1/16scan
Life time100000hous
Brightness6000cd/m2LED EncapsulationNation starRefresh rate


1. Multifunctional:

The screen could be hung up for different kinds of event. And it also could be put on the floor as dance floor.

2. Curved design is available:

The screen could be both curved design and regular straight design.

3. Cabinet edge protection design:

The bottom modules on the cabinet are about 5mm off the round. So they will not be hit when we put the cabinets on the ground. This feature greatly protects the LEDs during assembly and disassembly.

4. Ladder function:

The cabinet is with strong rack, which could be used as a ladder to climb up for maintenance.

5. Quick and more secure assembly:

Only 2 steps to lock the cabinets together. And the lock is with Anti-release design which makes it more secure.


HD Display

LED cabinet:500*500mm,500*1000mm;


16Bits high grayscale, 1920 high refresh, 1200-5000nits indoor highlight, fantastic crisp and delicate display, showing you the perfect visual enjoyment.

Ultra-high resolution, bright color.The whole screen resolution to a higher level, which can be more perfect performance of high-definition quality and rich colors.140 ° wide viewing angle, large viewing angle, viewing position arbitrary.


LED display aging test:

Led display aging test is to imitate its long-term operation will be anomalies, LED display is an important guarantee of the reliability of the LED display is the final essential step. LED display after aging can improve performance, and help the late use of the performance of stable. LED aging test in the product quality control is a very important part. LED burn-in test is based on product failure rate curve that is the characteristics of bathtub curve to adopt countermeasures, in order to improve product reliability.

LED display aging is divided into white light aging (4 hours) and video aging (72 hours).

     A led display aging test process

     1, check

     Check the box module installed above all correct

     Check the electrical short circuit exists, mixed

     Check the module installation is smooth, neat patchwork

     Check the appearance is intact, whether bump scratch

     2, lit aging

     Use online control system to light up

     Test time continuously lit more than 72 hours

     3, index test

     After the aging test is correct, ask the quality control group for parameter index testing.


Application area
  • Advertising media field. 

  • Entertainment and cultural fields. 

  • The field of sports. 

  • Traffic induced areas. 

  • LED creative screen special place,and so on outdoor activity areas.


Fright Case

Airbox internal use of full version of EPE isolation:

Better cushioning performance, transport more secure, but also configure the air distribution cabinets, mobile display solution to problems, easy to follow.


Parameter list


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