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Whether The LED Display Of Sports Scene Can Go Up The Trend
- Sep 08, 2018 -

Whether the LED display of sports scene can go up the trend

The sports industry is taking advantage of the trend, and whether the sports display can also enter the market.

Abstract: With the continuous development and innovation of led display technology, the LED display screen is not to be outdone, responding to the call of the times, with its graceful "body posture" and continuous innovation of self-improvement ability to shine in the basketball court, football field, ping pong Stadiums and other sports venues, in the major events, shine, and achieved impressive results.

In today's society that advocates the "national movement", the sports spirit runs through people's daily lives, and more and more people are paying attention to and participating in major events. With the continuous development and innovation of led display technology, the LED display screen is not to be outdone, responding to the call of the times, with its graceful "body posture" and continuous innovation of self-improvement ability to shine in the basketball court, football field, table tennis field, etc. Sports venues, in the major events, shine, and achieve impressive results.

The rapid development of sports industry brings new business opportunities to LED display

Nowadays, the sports market has become a popular outlet for the Chinese people's consumption upgrade. It has been highly valued by the central government. Relevant departments have begun to explore the sports industry data and introduce various industrial support policies, which are breaking the scale of China's sports industry. According to relevant statistics, by 2060, the total size of the sports industry will exceed 5 trillion yuan, and the sports industry has entered the “golden period” of development. The continuous expansion of the sports industry has brought huge business opportunities to all walks of life, especially the LED display industry, which is directly related to sports events, and it is the smell of opportunity.

In fact, the led display has long been active in major sports events and various sports venue projects, especially in the Olympic football league and various competitive arena, the display screen of the led display, slow-motion playback, athlete introduction Such wonderful pictures, its clear and colorful display effect left a deep impression on the audience around the world, and also let many domestic led display manufacturers who seek to break through and try their best to see the hope. Today, China's sports industry continues to grow, led display manufacturers are trying to get a piece of it, and have increased product development in the field of sports.

Subdivided products emerge in an endless stream of technological innovations to lead the future

As the LED display continues to mature in the sports field, it has also derived more diversified products according to different occasions and functions, such as the full-color large screen used for the exciting scenes on the playing field, and the stadium is not only used for playing. Strip ads, which can also be used for information release LED fence screens and connection with the game's timing and scoring system, playing the player's game scores and related data timing and score screens, the appearance of these LED display subdivision products not only makes It is more convenient for the audience to obtain information, enhance the fairness of the game, reduce unnecessary conflicts, and become a beautiful landscape on the field, which will add brilliance to sports events.

At the same time, with the construction of smart cities deeply rooted in people's hearts, people pay more and more attention to the innovation and integration of new technologies, led display products are also moving towards a more intelligent direction, and in the field of sports is no exception, led display manufacturers will be regular The LED display is combined with the popular AR, VR and other new technologies to bring a more unique experience to users. If there are sports venues, the LED floor tiles will be moved into the stadium to form a huge LED floor, which can not only track the player's dynamics, simulate the player's trajectory or become an imaginary enemy, but also make some virtual scenes with the cooperation of the stadium lights and projections. Become real and can participate; in the table tennis hall also appeared a dynamic led display table, with display screen switching and dynamic video screen playback and other functions, you can watch the movie next to the table, play a wonderful playback of the stadium. The advent of these products has broken the shackles of conventional led displays that can only transmit information to the audience in one direction, bringing more intelligent use of LED displays in the sports field.

Intelligentization into a new trend in the industry, international events lead the industry's new development

With the diversified and personalized needs of users, the quality of on-site viewing experience continues to improve, and LED display manufacturers are trying their best to meet their needs. In the future, intelligence will continue to be the development direction of LED display in the field of sports. LED display is no longer simply a carrier of information transmission, but will become based on infrared sensor technology, touch function, speech recognition, 3D, VR. The smart sports big screen of technology such as /AR is an intelligent scene that can interact with the audience, allowing the audience to experience the intense excitement brought by the sports events, and also feel the technology brought by the live led display. sense.

In addition, 2019 men's basketball World Cup, 2022 Asian Games, Winter Olympics and other large-scale events will be held in China, while domestic venues are old, 3 of the 12 competition venues need to be built, including competition venues and non-competition venues. The construction budget of the venue is about 1.51 billion US dollars, which means that there will be huge demand for LED display screens, which will bring huge opportunities for LED display manufacturers. Because they are all major international events, the LED display is very high in both product quality and display quality. If you want to take orders for these events and have certain influence in the sports field, you must increase your efforts. Invest in technology production and develop products with high quality and innovation so that they can match international competitions.

In addition, at the closing ceremony of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics "Beijing Ten Minutes", the wonderful performance of the ice screen caught the attention of the world, and also broke the LED display manufacturers that the LED display screen can only be applied to the stage at the opening and closing ceremonies of the sports event. The tradition of building the world makes the world feel the power of technological innovation, indicating that the LED display will appear in the audience's view in a more diverse form.

With the increase of sports events and the continuous innovation of LED display technology, LED display is more and more widely used in the sports industry. Whether it is in sports events or opening and closing ceremonies, you can see the LED display. Today, China's sports industry is booming, and it is believed that it will bring more development space for LED display.

Market Status: Sports Industry Shows Market "Big Cake"

The sports industry has great value and unlimited business opportunities.

At present, the sports industry has risen to a national vitality plan. In May this year, the State Sports General Administration issued the "13th Five-Year Plan for Sports Development". According to the plan, by 2020, the total size of the national sports industry will exceed 30,000. 100 million yuan, the proportion of GDP reached 1%, the added value of sports services accounted for more than 30%, and its annual growth rate was significantly higher than the economic growth rate during the same period. The huge commercial value of the sports industry has attracted the attention of all walks of life. The LED display industry directly related to sports events is also one of them. Major display companies have long been active in major sports events and various sports venues. in.

Foreign sports consumer market has matured

In foreign countries, the sports consumption market has matured. The proportion of sports output value in developed countries has reached 2.3%, especially in the football industry, which has created huge commercial value. Many large-scale LED display screens are used in sports events, including Europe. The five major leagues. 2016 coincides with the European Cup. Sports year is not only the passion and carnival of the fans, but also the capital feast of the commercial economy.

Domestic ushered in the first year of sports stadium renovation

Sports venues are the material basis and important support for the development of the sports industry. The next 2019 men's basketball World Cup, 2022 Asian Games, Winter Olympics and other large-scale events will be held in China, which has created a huge demand for stadium renovation. Taking the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022 as an example, it is planned to build three Olympic villages and activate 12 competition venues, three of which need to be newly built. The construction budget of the venues including competition venues and non-competition venues is about 1.51 billion US dollars. As a necessary facility for modern sports venues, the display screen also ushered in the “outbreak of the first year” of the sports market with the “first year of transformation” of the stadium.

Application form: in addition to conventional, there are unexpected innovations

Conventional form

1, full color large screen

It is used to play the highlights on the field at the game, or to replay the wonderful close-ups in slow motion, or to express the game and a certain event in 3D animation.

2, Fence screen

The LED fence screen inside the stadium is not only used to play strips of any length, but also used for information release and playback of the wonderful shots on the field, which will add to the sports events.

3, Timing score screen

The LED timing scoring screen is connected with the timing scoring system of the game, and the player's game scores and related materials are played. In the sense of the game, the timing scoring screen is very important, and the general sports events are inseparable from the timing scoring screen. .

4, Bucket screen

The bucket type LED display is also one of the common display screens in the gymnasium. The application is relatively flexible and can be used for sports events, highlight playback, commercial commercials, and timing scoring.

Innovative form

1. A new interactive experience brought by the floor tile screen

At the "Mamba" stadium in Shanghai Jiangwan Sports Center, an oversized touch-screen LED floor was installed. This floor, which consists entirely of LED screens, can track player dynamics, simulate player movement trajectories or become imaginary enemies. With the combination of stadium lighting and projection, some virtual scenes can be made real.

The athletes run on this floor just like we write on the pressure-sensitive smartphone screen with our hands. The running and jumping movements are input into the sensor in the LED floor of the stadium in the form of pressure, which is the movement track of the player. The large screen on the top of the head simulates the corresponding action of the sparring, displays the guiding images and challenges the players. The preset program and interactive sensing device can switch between several different scenes to create a cool basketball training experience. .

2, Dynamic led display table tennis table

In the Shanghai Table Tennis Hall, there is a dynamic led display table tennis table with display screen switching and dynamic video screen playback. You can watch the movie and play the wonderful playback of the game at the table.

3, New glass floor to create a multi-variable LED stadium

A German company has developed a new type of glass floor that uses designable LED lighting directly on the glass surface to display boundaries, video information or specific terms.

This multi-purpose stadium, built with the LED lighting system "ASB glassfloor", utilizes a programmable lighting indoor stadium line and a new glass surface that draws video output with panel functions beneath specific messages. The system can be used to illuminate different venues after touching a switch, adapting to various sports such as badminton, basketball, indoor football, hockey, handball and volleyball.

4, Creative led display blogger eyeball

I wonder if you still remember the stunning appearance of the 216 creative column screens at the opening and closing ceremonies of the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014? The creative column screen allows the world to see the power of China's “intelligence”. It not only creates a beautiful visual effect, but also has the characteristics of flexible installation. It can be hoisted or installed, so everyone can see the opening ceremony. The column type, while the closing ceremony sees the form of aerial lifting.

5, High-definition small-pitch display to escort international events

As we all know, the world's highest-profile sports events are the four-year Olympic Games. The world's countries are widely involved, and the world's attention, the matching equipment is naturally high specification. In recent years, the small-pitch LED display has high-definition display and seamless splicing. The rapid rise of performance advantages has become the "new darling" of the high-end display market.

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