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Small-pitch LED Display Opens Smart Meeting New Blue Sea
- Sep 10, 2018 -

Small-pitch LED display opens smart meeting new blue sea

Meetings are the most indispensable part of today's business operations.

The Harvard Business Review reports that approximately 4 million hours a day are spent in group meetings in the UK, with an average of 1,100 group meetings per day in the United States. Each executive has a formal meeting time of 3.5 hours per day, while informal time is 1 hour. As the saying goes: "Foreigners have more taxes and more Chinese people." It is even more frequent that Chinese people meet.

The holding of today's conferences will ruin many resources, but sometimes the results of the conferences are counterproductive and fail to achieve the desired results.

In the future, reforming the conference, how to ensure the quality of the conference, while controlling the relevant time cost and cost cost within an ideal range, reducing the wear and tear of both the conference organizer and the participants, will become a topic of common thinking in the whole industry. .

In order to make the resources fully and effectively utilized, people have explored a new type of conference mode---intelligent conference.

What is a smart meeting?

Smart meetings are a new type of efficient meeting.

In the process of human communication, 55%~60% of the information about effectiveness depends on visual effects, 33%~38% depends on sound, and only 7% depends on content, so the performance of a single voice is far from meeting modern conferences. Requirements. Modern intelligent conferences have emerged in front of us. It consists of high-quality audio signals, high-definition video dynamic images and images, physical data, and accurate data representation to integrate a practical and efficient control system.

The intelligent conference consists of a speaking device, a sound system, a terminal display system, and an intelligent central control system.

In the intelligent display terminal, a projector is generally used. The projector gives people great convenience in the conference activities, but the projector has its own shortcomings and shortcomings that cannot be overcome.

In a projector conference, because the brightness of the projection is not enough, the speaker needs to close all the doors and windows in order to make the presentation on the projection screen clearly visible, which will make the room dim, dim environment, and can not make the meeting information Get stronger and more effective communication.

The economics of the projector is indeed very wide in the conference, but its role is very simple. It can't realize the information fusion and communication of multiple terminals, and the picture is not very clear. For the vividness of color, it can't be perfect. In fact, many customers generally have more PPT files when they have meetings, and they have high requirements for graphics, sound, and images.

The role of small pitch LED display in smart meetings

Led display, has a unique advantage, it has high brightness, can be spliced and so on. The continuous breakthrough and maturity of the small pitch technology makes the picture more clear and color reproduction more beautiful. The led display can be spliced and wide-angled to meet people's requirements for larger and higher levels of meetings.

The continuous integration of the Internet of Things in the Internet links the isolated display terminals, which makes people interact with the screen and realizes the visualization requirements of sound, images and video.

The advantages of the led display make the small-pitch LED display occupy an important position in the intelligent conference display terminal. Many LED screen companies have glimpsed the blue ocean of intelligent conferences.

The small-pitch LED display makes the meeting no longer a torture, but an ultimate visual feast.

The LED display can be freely adjusted according to the brightness of the brightness, and the focus can be concentrated on the speaker regardless of the illumination of any environment.

In terms of visual breadth, the LED display has a 160° wide viewing angle, which breaks the traditional corner of the conference, allowing each corner and each location to be a central perspective. Participants can receive the content of the meeting in all directions, and the speaker can communicate their meeting message more effectively.

Each terminal display device has a certain loss when it is used, and it has a certain life. The typical life of the projector is 6000 hours, and the LED display can reach 100,000 hours, which is equivalent to 16.7 times that of the projector.

Lengthy meetings can bring tired and bored emotions. The small-pitch LED display has no projection shadow, no picture jitter and misplacement, and the vision is more clear and shocking, which gives people a refreshing feeling for the meeting, allowing participants to devote more and more to the meeting content.

The small-pitch LED display refreshes the concept of traditional meetings and gives people a new experience of the meeting. The small-pitch LED display instantly enhances the grades of the company and the exhibition hall.

Small-pitch LED display has always been a highly customized product. In terms of specifications and models, product standardization is conducive to large-scale mass production, and mass production can effectively reduce costs. Standardization and customization of small-pitch LED displays also helps to ensure system stability. The stable advantages of price and technology can make the small-pitch LED display fully promoted, making Abisen occupy a certain market commanding height.

The conference system is an important part of the business field. The small pitch LED display has a unique advantage. There will be more and more teleconferences in the future, and the clarity of the small-pitch image quality will meet the requirements of the conference. The performance of the small pitch in the conference market in the future is worth our expectation.

Small pitch LED display in the foreground of smart meeting

In 2017, the sales of small pitches below P2.5 were RMB 7.592 billion. China's domestic market growth rate is 68.27%. The export overseas market growth rate is 60%. The conference market share accounted for a large proportion of sales growth at small pitches. The deepening and expansion of the conference market has also led to the growth of small-spacing sales share.

The small-pitch LED display participates in the intelligent conference. The visualization of the led display can reduce the spatial distance of the participants. Some conferences can be solved remotely because of the participation of the small-pitch LED display, so there is no need for each participant to accumulate into one. Local meeting. This is also an effective control savings for meeting costs. The intelligent meeting reduced the cost with the help of the small-pitch LED display, but the effect of the meeting did not decrease.

In the future, large enterprises, government agencies, lecture halls, exhibition halls, and convention centers will all need more intelligent meetings because of the rise of smart cities. The role of small-pitch LED displays in intelligent meetings is also becoming more and more important. It enhances the modernity and technology of the conference, and enhances and demonstrates the soft power of enterprises and governments.

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