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LED Screen Enterprises: Reducing Costs Is Not So Difficult, Doing Research And Development Is A Shortcut
- Sep 07, 2018 -

LED screen enterprises: reducing costs is not so difficult, doing research and development is a shortcut

For manufacturing companies, the core competitiveness is to achieve: high quality, low cost. Needless to say, the most important thing is to rely on the subjective factors of the enterprise. It is the eternal theme of business management and the important topic of the LED display manufacturing industry, especially for the Chinese manufacturing industry. In fact, this issue is very important and urgent. Before discussing "cost reduction," we must be clear: What is the core of the cost of the product? Raw materials? Cost of production? labor force?

R&D determines 80% of the product cost! This is the consensus of many excellent companies. Many companies are prone to “misunderstandings” in the implementation process, such as forced research and development “reducing material costs” and reducing R&D internal expenses. This is typical of “smashing sesame seeds and losing watermelons”.

At the same time, there are many companies. When it comes to cost reduction, they will find their own upstream raw material supply system, talk to suppliers, and give a set of indicators. You must know that if you pay for a penny, it is easy to have a quality hazard by lowering the price of raw materials.

In this regard, we not only shouted loudly: let go of the purchase, let go of the supplier, find the cost of research and development! This concept can be understood in two ways: one is literal understanding, and the LED display manufacturer can reduce the cost of the product under the premise of ensuring product quality by adopting new materials or innovative design at the beginning of R&D and design; another understanding It is to return to products and technologies, develop a product that can lead the market, and make products better and better, and reduce costs by increasing the market volume to stimulate production.

No matter what kind of understanding, for enterprises, it is ultimately to return to the research and development of products and technologies, so as to find a shortcut in the industrial environment where competition is becoming more and more intense and homogenization is becoming more and more serious. So led display manufacturers should do some research and development from some aspects?

1. Technology research and development, armed products with technology

The development of technology requires professionalism, dedication and concentration. At present, the LED display industry is in an unstable period of technological change. In the face of the increasing demand in the terminal market, traditional display technology has begun to work hard, and new technologies such as COB, Micro LED, and interactive are really mature and stable. Under this form, many screen companies are eager to consolidate the market and not understand the direction of market development, while ignoring the upgrading and improvement of products, resulting in a disconnect between the market and products, and ultimately it is difficult to achieve results.

2. Stimulate the terminal, research and development of differentiated products

With the continuous improvement of technology, the terminal market has more personalized and professional requirements for LED display products. Therefore, the product development of led display manufacturers must also be carried out in the demand of pain points based on the terminal market. Taking customers as the core, segmenting the terminal market, providing differentiated products to customers of all levels, so that different products can meet different customer needs.

With the further update and sinking of the domestic market, the new opportunities brought by the Belt and Road Initiative are unprecedented. It can be said that this is the best era of the LED display industry. At the same time, the differentiated product development direction provides enterprises with more market segments, brand and service development opportunities. Therefore, as long as the company stands higher, the pattern will increase and more opportunities will be found. Will be more full, adding the courage to change!

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