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Indoor LED Display Surprise Black Technology
- Aug 25, 2018 -

Indoor LED display surprise black technology

LED display can be energy efficient, more energy efficient, more cost-effective, related to the immediate interests of users, if the LED display becomes smart in the future, it can be dynamically energy-saving according to whether the lamp is illuminated, the brightness and color of the playback screen, color changes, etc. For the majority of users will be a big gospel.

The future has come, China's LED display has been committed to technological innovation and promote industry changes. Recently, some indoor LED display screens will be the first to adopt PWM-SS dual energy-saving driver IC. The chip adopts avant-garde dynamic energy-saving technology plus 4V low-voltage power supply design to form an energy-efficient solution, and the comprehensive energy saving will be as high as 35%-50% ( According to the picture quality).

What is dynamic energy saving technology?

The so-called dynamic energy-saving technology, that is, the chip automatically starts when the display information is read, does not start when there is no information display demand, achieves the dynamic energy-saving function, reduces the power consumption, and the technology can save energy by 10%-30% (according to the picture quality). This is like the automatic start-stop technology of the car. When the clutch pedal car is at rest, the engine will automatically stop working. When the clutch pedal is released, the engine will start automatically, thus saving unnecessary fuel consumption.

Dynamic energy-saving technology--intelligent screen

When the LED display is black (continuous power), the PWM-SS dual energy-saving driver IC will stop working and go to sleep. For example, playing a slide with only text, the text is white, and the other areas are black. At this time, only the text display area consumes power. When the entire large screen is in the standby state of the video screen (continuous power), the entire display screen consumes almost no power.

Only the text display part consumes almost no power.

Dynamic energy-saving technology--shading

The PWM-SS dual energy-saving driver IC will automatically adjust the current according to the brightness change of the display screen. The lower the brightness of the playback screen, the less power consumption.

Dynamic Energy Saving Technology--Color Change

The PWM-SS dual energy-saving driver IC can automatically adjust the current according to the richness and saturation of the color of the display screen. For example, switching from a vivid picture to a dim picture, the display power consumption will be automatically reduced.

In addition to dynamic energy saving, using PWM-SS dual energy-saving driver IC, the user's power supply only needs 4V, and the low voltage energy saving is about 27%. At the same time, PWM-SS dual energy-saving driver IC has DS-PWM energy-saving function and high-speed high-order PWM driver IC 4K, 3840Hz refresh rate and other functions, grayscale processing is more awkward, not only that, the working display surface temperature is reduced by 30% And the brightness is not reduced.

As a smart business display manufacturing country, last year, Chinese manufacturers' outdoor full range of products began to adopt DS-PWM energy-saving drive IC plus 4V power supply for outdoor energy-saving solutions, helping outdoor LED large screens to enter the energy-saving era. Nowadays, manufacturers will open the double-energy-saving door of indoor LED display, let the outdoor and indoor LED display usher in a real era of real energy saving. Let us wait and see, technology changes life, and Chinese manufacturing makes LED display more exciting. Are you ready? ?

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