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Dynamic Reappearance Of Led Display Screen, Bringing Up The Era Of Vehicle Application
- Mar 13, 2018 -

Dynamic reappearance of led display screen, bringing up the era of vehicle Application


In recent years, both global countries have loosened the on-screen display control policy, and domestic public transport full-color advertising screens have been successfully piloted in multiple cities. The automotive LED display market has shown unprecedented vitality. Especially in the application of outdoor advertising display and on-board display, it will bring motive force to its market development.

LED car display as outdoor advertising

As a way of providing information and related services, advertisements are in urgent need of a new advertising approach to break this situation under the backdrop of the gradual weakness of the traditional media advertising market. Among them, automotive advertising is characterized by its strong mobility and advertising audience. The advantage of Guang’an has gradually been adopted by many companies for publicity. Buses and taxis are public transport vehicles, and they are also the city’s business cards. Every day, they transport a large number of passengers and travel through the streets. For a large and medium-sized city, the number of buses and taxis is at least 10,000, plus it has a wide range of coverage, long running time, and frequent access to densely populated areas. It can be said that this type of vehicle is used as a carrier. The advertising market is still very substantial. LED car screen quickly hot up.

At the beginning of the birth of LED car screens, it was mainly used for the display of service information of buses and taxis and the delivery of advertising content. It can be used to place commercials, broadcast news, forecast weather, film and television information, stock quotes, sports information, and sites. Introduction, service introduction, and so on, while providing convenience to the public while earning advertising fees, to a certain extent, is conducive to the return of government funds and reduce the financial burden.

Due to various advantages, bus LED on-board screens and taxi LED screens have begun to be used on a large scale in first-tier cities and second-tier cities, becoming "flowing cards" for cities, and also injecting new vitality into urban traffic. In the family of LED car screens, according to the car LED display carrier to the points, can be divided into taxi LED advertising screen, truck LED screen, bus LED display and several other. Taxi LED advertising screens are installed on the LED screens of taxi top or rear window screens to scroll text advertisement information; truck LED screens are converted to LED full color screens with large truck body and HD display advertising information. Rich display of video content. At present, Lian Chengfa has launched a series of car-mounted screens on the market with models such as P10/P12/P16; bus LED displays are mainly used to display road signs on buses, mostly in single and double colors. There is also a member of the LED mobile media vehicle.

LED mobile media car was born at the latest, mainly composed of automobile frames, LED display screens and other ancillary equipment. It has high-definition high-definition full-color and delicate display screens, and the advertising effect is greatly enhanced. The advantages of the application in some specific places are also obvious. A good market response.

LED display as vehicle display

Car LED display is the most common type of vehicle display. It uses LED technology, GPRS/GSM technology, anti-static technology, anti-jamming technology, low temperature technology, automotive electronics technology to display information products on mobile cars, it is different from the fixed The place installs the ordinary LED display. LED car screen has the following characteristics:

1, the car power supply is powered by a battery, the car in the start, stop, brake will produce a very high pulse voltage, if the power supply system is not good, it may burn the LED display. 2, the appropriate brightness, LED display if the brightness is not enough, the day will be invisible, thus losing the significance of the installation of LED display. 3, the car is very easy to generate static electricity in the run, especially in the autumn static voltage can reach several thousand volts, if you do not do a good anti-static measures, it is easy to damage the IC and LED lights. 4, the car is moving, so the requirements for the stability and reliability of electronic products is relatively high. 5, in terms of temperature, the car is generally parked outdoors, and for the North, the winter and summer temperatures are relatively special, the winter temperature can reach -40 °C, while the summer temperature may reach 60 °C, which requires power and display The components work normally at a wide temperature. 6, other factors such as appearance, size and so on. There are many characteristics of LED car display screens, whether it is in size or vehicle requirements and heat dissipation are relatively strict.

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