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Car Tobo Will Share Car Advertising Profits
- Mar 13, 2018 -

Car Tobo will share car advertising profits

Recently, if there are still people talking about "shared bicycles," then he is really behind the scenes. The shared circle has turned out to be a big hot spot. Sharing BMW debuts in Shenyang, including the CBD, airports, major central streets, etc., and immediately shares Ferrari. Turned out, sharing luxury cars once again refreshed the public's perception of "sharing." With the continuous penetration of the shared economy such as shared bicycles, shared charging treasures, shared wardrobes, and shared bed and breakfasts, car-to-wheel smart LED sharing advertising screens have also entered the era of sharing under the promotion of smart technologies.


The high liquidity of taxi LED advertising screens is a relatively high priority for consumers in all outdoor media, because of the high brightness, adaptability, and all-weather playback of on-board LED displays, as well as mobile media, greater spread and coverage. wide. In addition, as compared with other advertisements, the value of vehicle-mounted LED display advertising is balanced, and there are no so-called prime locations and non- prime locations. Car LED display ads also have "chasing crowd" characteristics that no other media possesses, that is, vehicle LED display advertising vehicles will actively look for crowded areas to stay. The most important is its low cost and high contact rate and high frequency.

In the rapid development of each industry, automotive LED advertisements are constantly updated. The emergence of car-to-smart smart-sharing advertising screens will greatly subvert the traditional taxi LED advertising screen. It has the advantage that taxi LED advertising screens cannot match. The taxi LED display can only be passively received by advertising companies. Commercial information and other advertisements, while the car treasure intelligent car sharing advertising screen is to add more features, will be fun, practical, profitability are embodied in full swing, the real realization of while playing to earn:

1. Network transmission: Through GPRS for network transmission, the owner can directly control the vehicle-mounted intelligent shared advertising screen through the APP or the Car Tobo applet, and send characters to realize point-to-point transmission and point-to-face transmission.

2, comes with features: high-light reminder, lamp beads adaptive, air detection, emergency brake reminder, GPS positioning, driving trajectory, emergency help.

3, point hair: through the APP or WeChat applet directly on the binding of the LED screen to publish news sisters, confession, blessings, self-promotion, basking mood, etc., my site is my master, zero cost.

4. Lapse: Each user can publish information or advertisements according to their own needs. The CarTube platform can accurately place the user according to the area selected by the user. It does not waste every penny of the user.

5, earnings: This is the biggest difference with the traditional LED screen:

a. Vehicle-owned and vehicle-free vehicles can obtain 5% of the advertising rebate income distributed by the Carbo platform as long as they are advertised through our Car Waypa APP or the WeChat subroutine “Car Waybo” (spontaneous and on behalf of the company).

b. After the car owner installs a car sharing intelligent advertising screen, only need to open the "advertisement" switch, you can automatically receive advertising information released by businesses, in the display of advertising information for businesses at the same time, each ad display owner can Get shared income and keep cars real.

c. The income of the regional agency is even greater. Selling LED advertising screens, advertising, receiving advertisements, and acting on behalf of Chengdu can earn more income and truly enjoy it.

Car treasure intelligent car sharing advertising screen is in line with the current sharing economy boom, sharing economy is to share your idle resources to others, improve resource utilization, and get rewards.


Taxi is the use of the LED display on the roof to display the benefits of advertising. Every city has taxis walking through the streets. The audience of the advertising is the local permanent population, foreign tourists and business people, within the driving range. Floating population. Using car carriers to advertise this is also a way of sharing advertisements, but this is not a complete sharing. As we all know, taxi companies own the property rights of taxis, drivers are only a profession, and the advertising revenue obtained by taxis has nothing to do with the driver. At most, it can give a small portion of benefits each year, and most of the proceeds go to the taxi company. The car treasure intelligent sharing advertising screen is not the same, everyone can use, everyone can benefit, the real comes from civilian to the people.

The car treasure intelligent sharing advertising screen is just a vehicle placed on the rear glass of the vehicle. It needs a matching service platform and client (app and applet). When the user uses the car, it only needs to download the car waybao APP or applet. Bundled car treasure intelligent car sharing advertising screen can be used to achieve the above mentioned point hair, ring hair and other functions.

The purpose of Trolley Trolley is to use the idle resources of the rear screen of the vehicle of the owners of the vast majority of private cars, and to obtain more benefits in the process of driving to achieve the purpose of making money by car.

The advertising revenue of Troubo uses the APP to directly determine the delivery area of the advertisement by using the individual or company or unit that needs to display the brand or business information, and delineate the number of vehicles in the area. The Trouble platform will calculate itself according to different time periods. Advertising costs, users only need a simple online recharge can be installed on the vehicle treasure intelligent vehicle sharing screen advertising users only need to open the ad receive switch in the vehicle form process can receive platform automatically push ads, each ad The income is shown in the APP. The consumption and income are clear. The person who advertised knows how much he has consumed and is received by those vehicles. The income of the owner who receives the advertisement clearly shows how much money the advertiser has received.

Car treasure intelligent car sharing advertising screen as an emerging advertising model, it will gradually integrate into the life of the city, through sharing allows advertisers to obtain more display, so that more consumers know; through sharing to let the majority of owners You can earn income from idle resources. By sharing resources, everyone can become a media person, generate advertisements, earn profits, and truly achieve a win-win situation!

According to statistics, there are currently 146 million private car ownership in the country. In the survey, 50% of them accept this model, that is, 75 million users. Each year, the average advertising cost per car is 2,000 yuan, and 150 billion yuan can be generated. Bao car intelligent sharing advertising screen market is huge, huge market waiting for you to share.

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