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A New Breakthrough In LED Driver IC Technology
- Aug 24, 2018 -

A new breakthrough in LED driver IC technology

As a high-tech product, LED display can not only effectively convey the information of the people after more than 20 years of market development, but also bring unparalleled audio-visual enjoyment to the audience, playing in people's daily life. An essential and essential role. For example, the LED display driver IC plays an important role in the high-quality display quality of the LED display.

The LED display dedicated driver chip refers to a driver chip specially designed for LED display screen according to the LED light-emitting characteristics. The maturity of LED display driver IC technology brings a qualitative leap to the display effect of LED display. With its large output current and constant current, LED display can be applied to various occasions of high current and high image quality. It directly promotes the form of display content of LED display screens and the application field to develop in a more multi-patterned direction.

Technology leads the future to help the industry achieve innovative high quality

The LED display driver IC is a key component. It is like the central nervous system of the human brain. It controls the movement of the whole body and the movement of brain thinking. The performance of the driver IC determines the effect of the LED display screen broadcast, especially in the application of small-pitch LED display, in order to ensure the user's long-term use of eye comfort, low-light high gray becomes a test of the performance of the driver IC Especially the main standards make people's requirements for LED display driver ICs more stringent.

In recent years, domestic LED display driver IC technology has also been rapidly improved. With the advancement of LED display driver IC technology, the resolution of small-pitch LED display has been greatly improved, and the pixel center distance of indoor high-density LED display Continuous breakthroughs have now entered the era of 0.X mm.

At the same time, as the terminal display demand continues to rise, the display carrier can also be described as new, such as micro-LED has become the focus of the display industry, micro-LED has high brightness, high efficiency, low power consumption, ultra high resolution and Features such as color saturation and long life. Nowadays, LED display driver ICs on the market can realize the vision of driving micro-LEDs and make the picture quality more refined.

LED display driver IC for more efficient use of micro-LED ultra-small-pitch display panel space, high integration function can effectively reduce the number of fabric space and components; In addition, in the picture quality performance, low brightness and high stability It has always been the key to dominate the viewing distance and display effect. The average constant current driving of a single color can be as low as 15uA, and the gray level can reach 16bit, which makes the contrast and uniformity of the display picture more delicate, and can also achieve energy saving and low power consumption. effect.

Two new trends in development: energy saving, integration

LED display driver IC plays a vital role in the development of LED display. As a green energy source, energy saving is the eternal pursuit of LED display, and it is also an important criterion to consider the performance of driver IC. In the development process, while effectively reducing the constant current inflection point voltage, and then reducing the traditional 5V power supply to below 3.8V, the IC operating voltage and operating current are reduced by optimizing the IC algorithm and design.

In addition, product integration will also become an important development trend of LED display driver ICs. With the rapid decline of pixel spacing of LED display screens, the packaged devices to be mounted per unit area will increase geometrically, greatly increasing the module driving surface. Component density. The arrangement of such crowded components can easily cause problems such as poor soldering and reduce the reliability of the module. The smaller amount of driver IC, the larger wiring area of the PCB, and the demand from the application end drive the IC must embark on a highly integrated technology route.

LED display application technology and scenes are constantly iteratively updated, which brings many challenges to the driver IC. The LED display driver IC has made great breakthroughs in technology, which can help the good development of the LED display industry, and will let us in the future. More impressive.

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