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What is a COB-LED display?
- Sep 13, 2018 -

What is a COB-LED display?

1. What is a COB display?

COB and SMD are the same kind of LED packaging method. However, the difference is that SMD is called surface mount packaging technology, which means that the wicks are soldered one by one on the PCB to make the cell board; and COB integrates the light emitting chip. In the PCB board, it is not soldered to the PCB board one by one like SMD.

The COB display is a COB display composed of a display module made of COB technology.

2. The main features of the COB display.

Due to the uniqueness of its packaging method, COB display has the following characteristics: batch production, fine display pitch, good luminosity, and good anti-collision and waterproof properties.

3. The main difference between COB and smd. SMD light source concept

SMD light source refers to the surface mounted light-emitting diode, which has a large illumination angle of 120-160 degrees. Compared with the early plug-in package, it has high efficiency, good precision, low solder joint rate, light weight and small volume.

COB light source concept

The COB light source means that the chip is directly packaged on the entire substrate, that is, the N chips are successively integrated and packaged on the inner substrate. It is mainly used to solve the problem of low-power chip manufacturing high-power LED lamp, which can disperse the chip heat dissipation, improve the light efficiency, and improve the glare effect of the LED lamp. The COB luminous flux density is high, and the glare is less soft and emits a uniform light surface.

The relative advantages of COB

Manufacturing efficiency advantage

The COB package is basically the same in the production process as the traditional SMD production process. In the solid crystal, the wire bonding process and the SMD package efficiency are basically the same, but in the dispensing, separation, spectroscopic, packaging, the efficiency of the COB package is better than the SMD class. The product is much higher, the traditional SMD seal

Labor and manufacturing costs account for about 15% of the cost of materials. COB packaging labor and manufacturing costs account for about 10% of the cost of materials. With COB packaging, labor and manufacturing costs can be saved by 5%.

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