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How to improve the antistatic ability of LED Visual LED display bead
- Sep 03, 2018 -

How to improve the antistatic ability of LED Visual LED display bead

In the LED display, the largest proportion is the LED lamp bead. Therefore, the quality of the LED package device largely determines the pros and cons of the LED display. The high-tech demand for LED displays is the future development trend, not only related to the trend of LED display manufacturers, but also affects the development of LED package device manufacturers.

There are many parameters that determine the quality of LED bead. One of the parameters is very important but easily overlooked. It is antistatic. That is, the resistance of LED lamp beads to static electricity. Because LED lamp beads are semiconductor devices that are sensitive to static electricity, it is very easy to cause electrostatic failure.

LED is the principle of electron flow to excite light, and static electricity has a great influence on electrons, so it can not effectively resist static electricity, the light source can not operate normally, and even can not be put into use. Therefore, the antistatic ability of the LED lamp bead is critical to the life of the LED display. So which aspects can improve the antistatic ability of LED lamp beads?

1, chip source

In the process of producing LED lamp beads, there will be an "static crisis" in which static electricity damages the LED chip. Static electricity will cause the PN junction of the LED chip to fail, and the leakage current will increase to become a resistor. Therefore, in the choice of chip, it is necessary to select a chip with better quality and better effect, and reduce the influence of static electricity on the chip.

LED Visual Photoelectric uses high-quality custom chips, the quality is guaranteed, and users are more comfortable.

2, packaging process

The packaging process is also very large for the anti-static ability of LED lamp beads. In the packaging process, anti-static clothing should be worn, with an electrostatic ring, and the electrostatic ring should be well grounded.

LED Visual Photoelectric uses a dust-free production workshop, employees wear anti-static clothing to minimize the impact of static electricity on LED lamp beads.

3, packaging equipment

In the LED packaging production line, it is very important that the grounding resistance of various types of equipment meets the requirements. Generally, the grounding resistance is required to be 4 ohms. In some cases where the requirements are high, the grounding resistance is more stringent or even ≤ 2 ohms.

LED Visual Photoelectric adopts the most advanced production equipment in the industry and is equipped with sophisticated testing instruments. Before leaving the factory, it strictly controls the parameters of LED lamp beads to improve the anti-static ability of the lamp beads and ensure the quality of the lamp beads.

Antistatic ability is an essential capability of LED lamp beads. Using it as a basic LED lamp bead parameter is also a must to guide the correct application of the light source and protect the light source.

The anti-static ability of LED Visual Photoelectric lamp beads reaches 2000V, the industry standard is 1000V, which is much higher than the industry standard, and the quality is more stable and reliable.

As a professional LED packaging manufacturer, LED Visual Photoelectric strives for excellence in the selection of raw materials, packaging equipment, and packaging technology to ensure that the most cost-effective display products are presented to customers, ensuring product performance and improving the quality of LED displays.

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