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Advantages of outdoor rental led display
- Sep 08, 2018 -

Advantages of outdoor rental led display

1. Application Overview Powerful to follow the LED rental performance market demand, fully launched LED die-cast aluminum box, it is not only a simple upgrade of the traditional die-cast aluminum box, the structure and performance have been fully optimized and updated. This LED rental display is a compact rental display made of patented die-cast aluminum box. The box has high precision of assembly and easy to disassemble and maintain.

2. Functional effect LED rental display as a custom die-cast aluminum box design, light, thin, fast installation is its most important feature. The cabinet is light and thin, can be quickly installed, removed and transported, and is suitable for large-area rental and fixed installation applications. And using synchronous control system processing, can accept DVI, VGA, HDMI, S-video, composite, YUV and other video input signals, free to play video, graphics and other programs, play in real-time, synchronous, clear information transmission Various information. The color is realistic and the adaptability is strong.

3. Program Features Lightweight, ultra-thin, quick-install design allows you to complete the installation and removal of the display in a short time. Support the signal line to go any direction, to meet the different cabinet arrangement and placement, to create a different effect picture. With professional video processor, support AV, DP, VGA, DVI, YPBPR, HDMI, SDI and other signals. Supports 256 levels of brightness adjustment and white balance custom adjustments, allowing different batches of displays to be mixed. Signal processing: RTF series products adopt signal folding technology, and unit modules do not need to be cascaded, which greatly improves product display performance. With the signal folding technology, the unit modules do not need to be cascaded, which greatly improves the product display performance.

Mask: The patented technology mask is used. The mask is assembled with the rear buckle fastening. The LED lamp can be conveniently maintained in front. The front side of the mask can not see the fastening screw. The surface of the screen is good. When the screen is lit, there is no screw leakage. The highlights caused.

Module: Large modules, each with only 4 modules, reducing internal wiring and improving product stability. The display module can be directly attached and detached from the rear of the cabinet without opening the cabinet. The display module can be directly attached and detached from the rear of the cabinet without opening the cabinet.

Rear cover: Remove 4 screws and remove the back cover to maintain and replace the power supply and receiving card.

Heat sink: The aluminum base plate is used instead of the traditional plastic bottom case to improve the heat dissipation performance while ensuring the flatness.

IC and driver: high refresh frequency, high gray level high refresh rate, high gray level 16384 gray scale products use built-in PWM high-end constant current driver chip. In the case of a single receiving card, the display refresh rate can be as low as 960HZ and up to 4800HZ. The gray level is up to 16bit, and the picture is stable, which can easily meet the requirements of high-end applications such as stage performance and broadcast. The DC power cable adopts the American standard wire. The power input adopts the surface mount socket, the power cable is not easy to loose, the line loss is minimal during the power transmission, and the input voltage is stable. High grayscale high refresh rate design, gray level 14 bit, refresh rate >960Hz.

Excellent heat dissipation design and heat dissipation performance, no external fan, air conditioner, etc., low noise; light weight of the cabinet, low installation cost; low power consumption and low operating cost. It has good waterproof effect and IP65 protection grade, suitable for outdoor rental. It is equipped with air boxes of various specifications, which is convenient for storage and transportation of the cabinet and has a good protection for the LED display. Tailored the most suitable LED display rental solution according to customer requirements and on-site environment.

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