The New Technology Outdoor P10.41 Transparent Led Display

The New Technology Outdoor P10.41 Transparent Led Display


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Outdoor P10.41 Transparent LED DisplayTransparent LED display with its thin, no steel structure, easy installation and maintenance, permeability and good characteristics, and the glass curtain wall can be described as a hit, applied to the glass curtain wall is not only without any sense of violation, but also because of its fashion, beauty , Full of modern and technology flavor, to the city building adds a special beauty.



1. Ultra-high transparency: the highest pixel transparency up to 75% -95%, five meters out of sight can hardly see the screen body.

2. Modular design: Transparent LED module design and simple bracket structure, make the big screen structure more clear and transparent.

3. Easy to assemble and debug: the module can be fixed directly on both sides of the bracket with both hands, can also be customized installation. The groove design behind the module makes the connection easier.

4. Light and easy to transport: including all the structure and power supply, weighing only 12 kg per square meter, but also save on transportation and storage costs.

5. High brightness, low energy consumption: the image is still clearly visible under daylight conditions.

6. Easy to maintain and update: When a LED lamp is broken, no need to replace the entire module, just replace a group of light bar. Maintain indoors, with high efficiency and low cost.



In the packaging need to add cushioning items such as foam, Pearl cotton, packaging with aviation boxes, wooden boxes, so shockproof, anti-stacker.


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