New Electronics Inventions P4.81 Smd Aluminum Outdoor Led Module Led Backdrop Video Wall

New Electronics Inventions P4.81 Smd Aluminum Outdoor Led Module Led Backdrop Video Wall

Outdoor P4.81 LED Display Features The module adopts automatic potting machine filling glue to ensure that the module potting evenly, smooth, good water resistance. The modules are over three anti-paint to protect the circuit boards and related equipment from the environment, with excellent...

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Outdoor P4.81 LED Display

Outdoor p4.81 use 500mm x 500mm die-cast aluminum cabinet / 500mm x 1000mm die-cast aluminum cabinet:


Material: Aluminum

Specifications: 500mm x 500mm/ 500mm x 1000mm

Applicable Modules: P3.91 P4.46 P4.81 P5.25 P6.25 P7.81 P8.81

Universal Kit: 125 * 250, 250 * 250 

Weight: 5.5KG / pcs


Light weight: a box weight 2.4KG, one person can lift the box with one hand.

Slim: Box thickness 75MM

Waterproof: can be used outdoors, waterproof rating IP65.



4.81 ultra-thin rental LED display cabinet function advantages:

P4.81 Leasing LED Display As a custom-made die-cast aluminum case, light, thin and fast installation is one of its most important features:

1, ultra-light: box size 500 * 500mm, weight <3kg. Finished screen is only 6 kg, one hand can be mentioned.

2, ultra-thin: the box is made of die-casting aluminum molding, the thickest box only 68mm, high strength, toughness, high precision, not easy to deformation;

3, compatible: new structural design, to meet the lifting, stacking requirements;

4, fast: the box around the connection with fast locking mechanism, 10 seconds to complete the installation of a box, the installation of high precision; box splicing gap accuracy of 0.05mm, the whole screen to achieve a truly seamless splicing;

5, Reliable: high strength and hardness, good heat dissipation;

6, contrast: new mask design, the contrast reached 3000;

7, high refresh: refresh rate reached 750Hz, with dedicated IC can reach 2200Hz;

8, quiet: DC fan noise is low, almost silent;

9, high stability: the system uses dual backup system, box circuit structure with no cable design;

10, wide application: stage rental, entertainment and other indoor and outdoor environment;



Modular design, maintenance is extremely easy:

Adopting modular design, it is easy to assemble and disassemble any position of screen body, and it is easy to maintain.

Good cooling function:

Excellent thermal design and thermal performance, die-cast aluminum structure, radiation by the structure itself cooling, no noise;

Professional protective packaging:

The use of professional packaging protection, the box play a good protective effect.



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