Wholesale Electronic LED Screen Indoor P3 Rental LED Display

Wholesale Electronic LED Screen Indoor P3 Rental LED Display

1.High brightness LED lamps and good quality plastic kit 2.High contrast ratio, outstanding display effect 3.Light weight, easy to assemble and dismantle 4.Maintenance can be a single point or single lamp. Good heat dissipation capability because of the unique design of vent fan

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Product Details


Pitch Pixel  3mmBrightness1200Pixel density 111111dots
Scaning1/32scanView Distance3-50mAverage power450w
Module Size192mm*192mmRefresh Rate


Indoor P3 LED Display Product Advantage 

  • High brightness, the sun under the long-distance light is still clearly visible.

  • Display color uniformity of ultra-high, the display screen is more delicate.

  • The flatness of the module mounting surface is controlled at ± 0.2 mm.

  • Using a variety of scanning technology, and modular design requirements, reliability, stability, higher;

  • Circuit board using wave soldering process, with green oxygen barrier to prevent the line wet, oxidation, improve service life.

  • Using a new type of surface mount package and its packaging, showing a more clear color more stable, to achieve a single point of maintenance, more efficient energy.


First-class LED chip: 

Supplied by Nichia of Japan & other high strictly selected LED chip to ensure the long lifetime and high brightness of our LED display screen system

Clear vivid image quality:

Even in direct, full-on sunlight to ensure you attract more audience to get short ROI of your LED display screen's investment.

Long-term Brightness:

Automatic or manual adjustment of the brightness of the display. 

Easy Installation & Using:

easy & simple installation interface and user friendly software to ensure the user friendly interface of the LED display screen system.


LED display aging test is to imitate its long-term operation will be anomalies, LED display is an important guarantee of the reliability of the LED display is the final essential step. LED display after aging can improve performance, and help the late use of the performance of stable. LED aging test in the product quality control is a very important part.

LED display aging is divided into white light aging (4 hours) and video aging (72 hours).


Application Area

Wide Application Field: advertising LED display, Stadium perimeter LED display , Mobile led display for mobile media , shopping mall LED display for logo showing , bank & stock exchange LED display for rates showing , train & bus station , airport , telecommunication LED screen system for information showing and instruction , Stage performances and so on.



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