High Quality Hd Video Indoor Rental Led Display

Indoor P2.5 LED Rental Stage LED Display High-Precision: Work under 0.5mA constant current, brightness 70-300mcd. High Refresh Rate: 2400Hz for 1/32 duty screen, 4800Hz for 1/16 duty screen, 9600Hz for 1/8 duty, 19200Hz for 1/4 duty. High-Gray Scale: Real 20bit. High Reliance: Anti-static 6Kv....

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The advantage of rental display

LED rental display as a custom die-cast aluminum case design, light, thin, quick installation of its most important features. Cabinet light, quick installation, removal and transportation, suitable for large-scale fixed installation and rental application site. And synchronous control processing system accepts DVI, VGA, HDMI, S- video, composite, YUV and other video input signal, free play video, graphics and other programs, in real time, synchronous, clear information dissemination play various information. Vivid colors, strong adaptability.


HD Visual

Perfect picture quality,Delicate high-resolution display, small spacing led display can be any size, any direction of stitching, a variety of video source options, easy to achieve FHD, 4K big screen.


Natural color saturation

At the end of the bright gray screen is more delicate.Using high-quality black-body LED lights, with a black mask, contrast ratio up to 3000: 1, the picture clearer and delicate bright.

Seamless mosaic

Using a unique connector, the cabinet can be fine-tuning the gap, showing the perfect picture quality; mold one-time molding, precision ± 0.1mm, easy seamless stitching.




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