Waterproof P16 Full Color Outdoor LED Curve Advertising Wall Display

Waterproof P16 Full Color Outdoor LED Curve Advertising Wall Display LED screen companies: winners eat all the time, small and the United States is a paradox? Under the new normal economy, most of the high-speed development industries in the past have begun to mature. In the past, the entire...

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Waterproof P16 Full Color Outdoor LED Curve Advertising Wall Display  

LED screen companies: winners eat all the time, small and the United States is a paradox?

Under the new normal economy, most of the high-speed development industries in the past have begun to mature. In the past, the entire Chinese market was large enough. The largest investment opportunity came from the rapid growth of small companies, but today the opportunities for “small and beautiful” are greatly reduced. The oligopolistic era of the strong and permanent strong began, and the room for appreciation for the “civilian” companies has been very small. The profits of those oligarch companies with market capitalization of hundreds of billions have increased, but they have been faster. When we led the display industry at the same time.

Accelerating the Oligopoly Age

With the rapid development of market globalization, professional analysts believe that a strong basis for supporting the arguments of the oligarchy is that not only China, but also overseas markets are “giant” people in the carnival. Judging from the situation in China's led display industry, currently represented by leading enterprises such as Elijah, Absen, Chau Ming, Lian Jian, Lehman, etc., their eyes are no longer stick with the domestic market, but with overseas markets. Open up, step by step to a broader international market.

In addition, with the fierce competition in the market, the production and operation methods of enterprises have undergone tremendous changes, and the oligopolistic enterprises have reached the upstream and downstream industries to obtain profits in the entire industry chain and achieve growth that exceeds expectations. The law of the more obvious. This is particularly evident in the market performance in recent years. Liad vigorously develops the cultural industry, from display to landscape lighting, realizes all-inclusive projects, and expands its industrial chain; Lehman has invested heavily in COB packaging and R&D, starting from the new Breakthroughs in end-products with technological innovation; Zhou Minglian purchases three lighting companies to improve its own industrial chain; Strong Giant Color creates a “3 km range of service circle” and is dedicated to providing customers with high-quality LED display application products, solutions and after-sales services. Services, etc., are the performance of the industry's screen companies to optimize the industrial chain to seize the market from all aspects.

It can be clearly seen from the growth of the industry screen companies in 2017 that the performance of the current leading companies has grown clearly and continuously. On the contrary, the report cards of some small and medium-sized companies make people feel miserable. Of course, this is also related to the fact that after the industry matures, quality resources are moving toward leading companies. In the era of winner-take-all, the leading position of the leading enterprise industry can hardly be broken. Now led display industry is not like the initial, there are many opportunities for counterattacks, especially with the further upgrading of the industry, and the return of market product quality, the industry's leading companies have begun to turn their attention to the mid-range market, in this trend Next, how SMEs survive and develop has become the industry’s most concerned issue.

Where do SMEs go

Even if the advent of the Oligopoly era does not mean that SMEs have no hope at all, there are also many growing “oligos” in the market, the current LED display market, innovative and other advantages of transparent screen (advertising machine), ice screen, Yuping, masonry screens, two-sided poster screens and so on began to be favored by different markets. On the other hand, small and medium-sized enterprises can start from subdivided areas that leading companies cannot take into account, specializing in one or several new product categories, and The "small and beautiful" route, abandoning the price war and taking a differentiated tactic to win the battle.

Large companies and large brands mean strong, high-capacity, and comprehensive products. At the same time, they also mean the lack of personalized, segmented products. Can not do the first, do the only, future differentiation strategy is the inevitable choice for many SMEs. Big brand products are certainly the first choice for high-end customers. However, if they can be differentiated and can distance themselves from the big brands in a certain way, they can also have a foothold in the fierce competition. Or embark on the road of acquisition by leading enterprises, it is not a kind of dual-optimal road.

Whether it is an "oligarchic" or "small and beautiful." In general, the first half of the game in which our LED display industry is relying on nonprofits to achieve market size and breadth has already ended. Now that we are at a critical turning point, the next half, it is important not only to rely on terminals. The breadth of the market expansion, the increase in number, but also to increase the depth of service and user product experience, from all aspects to achieve the user "outreach!"

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