Rental Indoor Full Color P2 High Resolution Smd Led Display Screen

The advantage of rental led display 1, lightweight - weighs only 8kg, single person can be a single portable, and extremely easy to install; 2, thin - box with die casting aluminum, high-strength, high toughness, high precision and difficult to deformation, for the transport of effort; 3, high-precision - accurate to size of the electrical and mechanical processing 0.1mm; 4 compatible - the new structure designed to meet the lifting, stacking requirements to meet the indoor and outdoor requirements;

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Pixel pitch :2mm

Module size : 128mm*128mm

Cabinet size :512x512×75(mm)

Physical density : 250000dots/m2

Pixel configuration: 1R1G1B

Modules resolution: 64*64=4096 DOTS

Modules weight:  0.3kg

Cabinet resolution :256X256

Cabinet 0.262144m²


Best viewing distance :2m~15m

Viewing angle Level>160°Optional


Average power consumption<400W/m2

Maximum power consumption<800w/m2

Control mode: synchronous control

Display card: DVI

Driving method :1/32 scaning

Frame Frequency >60Hz

Refresh frequency>1920Hz

Equilibrium brightness >800cd/m2

Display working voltage(VAC)

Brightness adjustment

Lighting sensor adjust automaticly

16 grade adjustable

Adjust by bands with software:100 grade adjustable

Computer system


Input signal


Control system

PCTV nonlinearity card, DVI display card,Linsn control system

Mean free error time >5000 hours

Lifetime: 75000~100000 hours

Pixel out of control rate  <0.0002 one case

Project classification: PH1.923-26S

Package : SMD 3in1

LED SMD 1515














Company Information

 SHENZHEN LED VISUAL PHOTOELECTRIC CO., LTD was established in May 2016 and currently employs 30 people, 10 foreign trade salesmen, Commissioner for Thai market 1 person, one Russian commissioner, commissioner 8 English people,It is a professional LED display manufacturer with new modern business model,Our company mainly produces indoor and outdoor LED modules and LED display for single color, Indoor and outdoor full color LED display, and peripheral series of products for LED display to foreign markets, 98% of goods are exported to foreign markets, the registered capital of two million yuan. In today's turmoil market, the company holds integrity management, customer first,do what customers think, so customers do, seek prompt the company to grow and develop in a short period of time,Now the company already exported to Belgium, Mongolia, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, India, South Africa, Malaysia, Brazil and other export goods within only one month. Shenzhen LED Visual photoelectric Co., Ltd focus on specialized market --- advertising and brand, sports venues, events and entertainment, to provide different patterns of LED application product solutions and high-quality products and services

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