P6 Indoor Led Video Wall On Sale With High Definition

Product Description 1. Lightweight. Convenient in transporting and installing & saving labor cost, suitable for flow shows. 2. Nice appearance and simple structures. 3. Jointed correctly, being installed & dismounted by one person without tool. 4. Humanized operating interface with...

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Product Description

Fixed Installation P6 Indoor Full Color LED Display screen 

1. The first level LED chip from Taiwan Epistar

2. With pure golden wire connection in LED

3. Grand A row material for module frame and mask

4. 4 layers PCB and copper plating thickness > 18mil

5. Stainless steel screws when assembly

6. Disassembly and assembly are quick and easy

7. 3 to 5 years warranty

8 .Energy-saving 60% : driving with low frequency current, heat-dissipated roller fans with automatic temperature-controlling device.

9 .Life time >11 years;


1.What is DIP?And what is SMD? 

   DIP means double in line package,we call led lamp.SMD means surface mounted device.

2.What is the delivery time of outdoor full color display?

   Usually 20 days after we get the money.

3.Outdoor screen can't use surface mount LED?

   We have outdoor SMD display now.We solve the problem of the brightness and water proof.We      use SMD5050 led chip.Filling the glue on the surface,use IP65 cabinet.

4.Different material different price and also different quality,effect?

   Here is the item you need to checka.LED,brand,size.Opto?

   Silan?Cree?Nichia?Epistar?12mil?13mil?We usually use opto red 9mil and silan 12mil chip.

   b.IC,MBI5024?MBI5026?ZQ7905?LXY28162?Or other IC you need.We usually use MBI5024


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