P6 Indoor Large Screen Video Wall Rentals

Application LED display in Bus station&Metro station Information display in bank,super-market,school,hospital and other place. Automotive advertising screen. Information screen in electrically operated gate.

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Ultra-Slim LED Video Displays for Curved and 360° Installations

Create a winning display solution and provide new revenue opportunities by energizing fans and recognizing sponsors with Daktronics LED indoor fascia displays. Integrate with Daktronics video displays to provide sponsors unequaled exposure with moments of exclusivity.

With high contrast and outstanding brightness, the full-color, full-motion technology flexibly and instantly presents up to 360 degrees of ribbon-style video, animation, adverts, and live information to fully immerse your viewers in the game-day experience.






Company Information

SHENZHEN LED VISUAL PHOTOELECTRIC CO., LTD was established in May 2016 and currently employs 30 people, 10 foreign trade salesmen, Commissioner for Thai market 1 person, one Russian commissioner, commissioner 8 English people,It is a professional LED display manufacturer with new modern business model,Our company mainly produces indoor and outdoor LED modules and LED display for single color, Indoor and outdoor full color LED display, and peripheral series of products for LED display to foreign markets, 98% of goods are exported to foreign markets, the registered capital of two million yuan. In today's turmoil market, the company holds integrity management, customer first,do what customers think, so customers do, seek prompt the company to grow and develop in a short period of time,Now the company already exported to Belgium, Mongolia, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, India, South Africa, Malaysia, Brazil and other export goods within only one month. Shenzhen LED Visual photoelectric Co., Ltd focus on specialized market --- advertising and brand, sports venues, events and entertainment, to provide different patterns of LED application product solutions and high-quality products and services

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