P4 Super Clear HD 4 Mm Pixel LED Video Wall Panel For Indoor Rental

Product Feature: 1.Play clear and non-flickering video image in video camera to realize live broadcast of different kinds of programs. 2.Display a variety of computer information, graphs, two-dimensional animation and three-dimensional animation and etc, have abundant display methods, display moving messages, notices and slogans and etc, and have large capacity to store data and information

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Product Details


1. Full color by filling the whole of imported silica gel, which makes our products in water, antifreeze, superior high-temperature side


2. After a dustproof and waterproof tested to reach its target IP54


3. All modules are cross color enhancing, and the edge compression is strong, not deformation, the flatness of display cabinet will be better.


4. The box with a sliding iron top, bottom chute, and optional locking device to fine-tune the gap and ensure seamless between the boxes. Please do not squeeze the entire screen which ensure good surface smoothness


5. Measured by the Shenzhen Institute of Quality Inspection Bureau U.S. core companies of the outdoor full color display for temperature impact test, the results showed that: outdoor full color display can use the power normally under the temperature at -25 °C to +75 °C








Two years quality warranty and lifetime technology support and maintenance from the second year. If you improperly operate or something wrong with our products, we are responsible for the maintaining and repairs instruction or guide free of charge.

Free training: You can send your engineers who have knowledge of electronics and information to our factory and we provide free technical training, which contains training operation and maintenance of the LED display at our factory. We also offer the instruction manual, software, test report, drawing steel structure and so on.





Contact person: Sunny Shang

Mob: 0086 15118248670

Email: shijue1@visual-leds.com

Web: http//:www.visual-leds.com

Add:  5F Building No,9, Industrial Area 4th, Gongming Street, Guangming New District, Shenzhen, China


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