P3 Indoor Full Color Rental Led Display LED Video Wall

1.High brightness LED lamps and good quality plastic kit 2.High contrast ratio, outstanding display effect 3.Light weight, easy to assemble and dismantle 4.Maintenance can be a single point or single lamp. Good heat dissipation capability because of the unique design of vent fan

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Pitch Pixel  3mmBrightness1200Pixel density 111111dots
Scaning1/32scanView Distance3-50mAverage power450w
Module Size192mm*192mmRefresh Rate


Indoor P3 LED Display Product Advantage 

  • High brightness, the sun under the long-distance light is still clearly visible.

  • Display color uniformity of ultra-high, the display screen is more delicate.

  • The flatness of the module mounting surface is controlled at ± 0.2 mm.

  • Using a variety of scanning technology, and modular design requirements, reliability, stability, higher;

  • Circuit board using wave soldering process, with green oxygen barrier to prevent the line wet, oxidation, improve service life.

  • Using a new type of surface mount package and its packaging, showing a more clear color more stable, to achieve a single point of maintenance, more efficient energy.

Brighter . Fashionable
  • Using a new type of surface-mount package and its packaging, showing a more clear color more stable, to achieve a single point of maintenance, more efficient energy saving, to create high dynamic contrast high-quality display, so that the screen black and white contrast strong, clear, With brightness.

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Extensive . New Experience
  • Surface lamp beads their own perspective, and then use high-precision equipment and advanced technology production, unique anti-electromagnetic processing, distributed scanning technology, modular design, the reliability and stability of higher. So that the horizontal and vertical viewing angle is broader, stable performance, wide broadcast content.

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  • First, the field of advertising media. LED display with its unique advantages, has gradually replaced the traditional billboards, three sides turn, light boxes, etc., as a new force in the advertising media industry. Traditional advertising can only play pictures, and LED display screen, video, text, sound perfect combination, and has a high-definition, high brightness, colorful, the main bright, innovative design, with vivid, simple and so on. Advertising media led display the main application areas are bustling streets, shopping malls shopping centers, square parks, building buildings, landmark buildings, station airports and so on.

  • Second, the field of entertainment culture. The most used is the stage, party and other background led large screen, it can live on the scene and wonderful playback, breaking the seat restrictions, so that the audience away from the stage can clearly see the stage performances, creating a magnificent , A very appealing atmosphere, combined with high-quality sound effects, giving a perfect audio-visual feast. The main application areas are party concerts, event scenes, theater theater, television, high-end *** and so on.

  •  Third, the field of sports. I believe that the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the main venue of the led display gave you a deep impression on it, the role of the stadium led large screen is to play the stadium wonderful screen, slow motion playback, the specific lens display. The main application sites are soccer field led fence screen, basketball hall LED funnel screen, swimming pool track and field museum LED chronograph, as well as a variety of sports venues wall or column LED display.

  •  Fourth, the field of traffic guidance. In the bustling streets or on both sides of the highway, will establish a traffic-induced LED display, these displays are generally controlled by the control center, combined with other traffic monitoring equipment, automatically according to road conditions to show traffic conditions or congestion information for the traveler to choose The best route to make a reference.

  • Five, LED creative screen of special places. Basically, every city has a museum, science and technology museum and other places, and high-tech products with LED display is closely linked. At present, LED creative screen applications are museums LED spherical screen, technology hall LED spirochetes and LED cube, children's Palace LED creative screen, aerospace city LED drum screen, and art museum, art museum, experience museum and other places.

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