P3 Full Color LED Video Walls For Indoor Advertising

1.High brightness LED lamps and good quality plastic kit 2.High contrast ratio, outstanding display effect 3.Light weight, easy to assemble and dismantle 4.Maintenance can be a single point or single lamp. Good heat dissipation capability because of the unique design of vent fan

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Product Details


Pitch Pixel  3mmBrightness1200Pixel density 111111dots
Scaning1/32scanView Distance3-50mAverage power450w
Module Size192mm*192mmRefresh Rate


Brighter . Fashionable
  • Using a new type of surface-mount package and its packaging, showing a more clear color more stable, to achieve a single point of maintenance, more efficient energy saving, to create high dynamic contrast high-quality display, so that the screen black and white contrast strong, clear, With brightness.

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Extensive . New Experience
  • Surface lamp beads their own perspective, and then use high-precision equipment and advanced technology production, unique anti-electromagnetic processing, distributed scanning technology, modular design, the reliability and stability of higher. So that the horizontal and vertical viewing angle is broader, stable performance, wide broadcast content.

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Product Features

  • Light weight, Good Heat Dissipation, Low Power Consumption, Convenient Installation,
    Easy Move;

  • Accurate position of the locating dowel makes the surface between cabinets flat;

  • Made through CNC, Assembly accuracy 0.1mm, Seamless Assembly;

  • No granular spots and mosiac on the screen, High-degree of color coordinates;

  • Clearer and vivider piture, Seamless, No chromatic;

  • Large viewing angle, Soft image, High resolution;

  • Multi-layer circuit PCB, Lower consumption, Fast Heat-emmiting, Longlife, High stability;

  • Aluminum Cabinet, Lighter and Slimmer, High accuracy;

  • Modules can be released from the whole screens to repair;

  • Working Noise: Less than 40DB, Have no influence on the viewing effect;

  • SMD2121 LED, Ultra-low decay, High stability, High color coordinates, Weather resistance;

  • High contrast ratio up to 5000:1;

  • SMD full color led chip.

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