P16 DIP Full Color Large LED Video Curve Screen For Building Advertising

P16 DIP Full Color Large LED Video Screen For Building Advertising Domestic LED display technology development in the future After China's led display industry has experienced rapid development in previous years, the current development of the industry is obviously affected by the economic...

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P16 DIP Full Color Large LED Video Curve Screen For Building Advertising  

Samsung LED movie screen opens the world tour LED tyrants screen era future?

What do you care about when you are watching a movie? Plots, themes, visual effects, card, actors? This is just a face of the movie and belongs to the category of entertainment and art. But the movie has another face that belongs to technology. In the 120 years since the film's birth, the film technology has been continuously updated and replaced with the movies we see today. From the projector, the audio film, the color film, to the visual effects, IMAX, the evolution of the movie has made the display of the white screen more exciting. With the maturity of LED technology and the extensive application of the market, LED displays have exceeded the range that people can think of, and quietly walked into the movie screen, just like the giant Samsung.

Samsung LED Movie Screen Review

1. In March 2017, Samsung first announced the news of the LED movie screen and demonstrated the movie screen for the first time in a series of activities at the Las Vegas Orleans Hotel and Casino.

2. In July 2017, Samsung installed the world's first LED movie screen at the World Tower of Korea Rakuten Cinema, with a width of 10.3 meters and a resolution of 4096x2160, supporting HDR technology. Compared to traditional projectors and screens, LED screens have the advantage of a 10x increase in brightness and better picture quality.

3. In October 2017, Samsung and Thailand's theater service provider Major Cineplex reached a cooperation agreement to deploy this LED cinema screen outside Korea. The report said that the first one will be installed in Bangkok's Siam Paragon Cineplex theater, and it is exactly the same 10.3 meters wide, 4K HDR specifications. The cinema is scheduled to open in February next year.

From the initial release to the pilot application to foreign applications, Samsung's LED movie screen took seven months to begin radiating abroad. The fact that Samsung placed the first trip of the global tour in Thailand makes people guess that this is by no means an accident. Major Cineplex has 110 cinemas and 668 auditoriums in Thailand. If Samsung can deploy LEDs in this 668 auditorium, The cinema screen is undoubtedly a solid step forward in the globalization of Samsung's LED screens.

Secret Samsung LED movie screen

According to Samsung’s public information, Samsung’s movie screen is a 455-inch diagonal screen, a 10.24-meter wide screen, and a 5.4-meter high screen. This is equivalent to a relatively small movie screen. The screen plays content in 4K resolution, 4,096 x 2,160 pixels. LED screens can also choose to use High Dynamic Range (HDR). At the same time, the specified brightness is 500cd/m2.

According to industry calculations, the LED pitch of this screen is 2.5, and the corresponding LED is a 1010 package, which is also the current mainstream package size with a small pitch. In the LED industry this is a very mature product, Liade is the leading company in this piece. However, Samsung took the lead in breaking through the inherent application fields and took the lead in opening up the gap in the projection movie market, and used LED display screens.

Throughout the development of Samsung's LED display, it can be said that every wave seems to be able to set off the power of the tens of thousands of waves. Its refined small-pitch display won the 2017 ISE Best Small Pitch LED Award, redefining the industry standard; at ISE 2017, Samsung first introduced the HD Signage IF series with HDD technology. P1.2 / 1.5 / 2.0 / 2.5) has become the focus of attention. It is reported that Samsung's products have a new level of innovative LED image processing platform image quality, dynamic brightness up to 4000nit, dynamic contrast ratio up to 10000:1. Samsung's ICT (Inverse Tone Mapping) and dynamic peaking technology without glare prevent color-distorting ICC (Integrated Color Control) and low grayscale calibration algorithms, allowing the color and brightness of the image to be restored to the real object, creating a brand-new LED market. Quality standards.

From this it can be seen that the LED movie screen is not so much a new LED product as it is another attempt to use the scene display application of LED display to make life more exciting and innovative. It is also reported that Samsung’s LED screen is only a small chopper in the cinema. In the future, it will be seen slowly in the art galleries, conference halls, concerts and e-sports competitions. It seems that there is a full-fledged display screen with projections and DLP. Grab the grand scheme of the Highlands.

 Samsung's "Good Show" Takes the Challenge of Digital Movie Machine

 With the rapid development of computer technology, many traditional film production can not be achieved through the use of computers, or use of computer technology will make the film more perfect. So traditional movies introduce digital technology. The digital movie that was born in the 1980s is increasingly moving towards the trend of high-definition, ultra-clear, and giant-screen. The seamless display of the movie has always been dominated by projections. It has also been monopolized by a few international giants such as Barco, Christie, Sony and NEC. The "pearl" of this big screen crown is not easy to pick. The matter, for the LED display industry, seems out of reach. However, Samsung's move, the industry have all thought that it is possible to change the film to reflect the industry's "good show."

Why Samsung's move will have such a high rating. There may be two main and objective reasons for this. From the perspective of the movie environment, from the perspective of market structure, the products of traditional digital projector manufacturers are “higher in price,” which is equivalent to leaving room for some manufacturers who can provide cheap solutions. From the perspective of technology demand, the traditional projection projection has always faced the bottleneck of "brightness bottleneck" and "resolution" on the large screen. These two technical bottlenecks are precisely the biggest advantage of small-pitch LEDs. In addition, in the increasingly popular HDR today, the projector projection system is also difficult to achieve the finest control of the brightness of the LED screen to reach the “sub-pixel point” adjustment. - These advantages of small-pitch LED displays in technology have become the key to Samsung's giants entering the digital cinema market.

In Samsung's own terms, Samsung is not only an advanced LED product and technology supplier, but also does not have a high-end projection product line - which allows access to the small pitch LED movie screen industry, Samsung does not need to worry about "between" Problems; At the same time, Samsung’s global brand appeal is conducive to Samsung’s global market layout.

The effect of a double-edged sword can not only realize the global layout of Samsung, but also gradually change the "inertia" of the movie market - projection projection is always the only choice. With Samsung taking the lead, LED display in the future will also many companies "to emulate", after all, LED display technology is more and more mature, it also has such strength to develop. The fight for hegemony in a film screening technology has inevitably begun in the future, only a matter of time.

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