Outdoor P16 Static Scanning Large LED Curve Display Screen

Outdoor P16 Static Scanning Large LED Curve Display Screen Demystify the core of high profitability of LED display With the development of LED display manufacturing industry, the overall profit of led display will gradually decline. First, as the technology matures and progresses, the general...

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Outdoor P16 Static Scanning Large LED Curve Display Screen  

Demystify the core of high profitability of LED display

With the development of LED display manufacturing industry, the overall profit of led display will gradually decline. First, as the technology matures and progresses, the general technology spreads more widely and the homogeneity between industries continues to deepen. Second, the industry's production capacity is released, and the market's supply trend goes to the buyer. These two reasons, together with the raw materials that have been rising in price recently, have brought great pressure for the survival of enterprises, and some enterprises have to lean towards the management strategy of small profits and quick turnover. The shadow of the price war has always shrouded in the head of the enterprise, and profits cannot be well protected.

In this kind of environment, companies must think hard, look for opportunities to break through, and look for opportunities in the hardships and crises. Currently, the LED display screen has approached the end of the display by narrowing the gap. In addition, micro LED technology and other technologies are on the sidelines. It is a difficult and risky choice to continue to move forward. As a result, some companies choose to reduce costs through large-scale production to increase profits, while some companies choose to achieve greater profits by providing integrated solutions and cross-domain integration. Having a broader strategic depth will enable LED display providers to achieve higher returns, namely to embed the led display in the design of the entire project, rather than selling the display as a single commodity. In the industry, there are many companies that have concurrent solutions, and more and more. It can be argued that most companies have realized that selling an overall solution is far more profitable than selling a single product, and recognizing that the time has come to upgrade a provider that will be an overall solution.

The overall solution trend and its high returns are best reflected in the creative display. In the early stage of creative display, companies could just make such display screens according to the requirements of customers. There is no need for LED display engineering companies to intervene in design, layout, etc. In today's world, most of the creative display solutions come from the LED display engineering firm. In order to bid for a project, an engineering company must first survey the site, carry out creative display design according to the connotation and elements of the building, and make a preliminary design proposal for bidding. After obtaining the project, the construction company will be solely responsible for the construction, including the display screen, modeling, control system, content, and so on. The profit of such a project is very substantial, and it is a far cry from the single display screen. The profit of the display screen in the project is also very small, which is more like the competition for a project by showing this mouth. What is really valuable in the project is a solution. What really makes money is a solution. The display is just a primer.

There are many more cases of winning high-profit projects with integrated solutions, which are common in the transportation system. After the emergence of small-pitch displays, it quickly became the darling of the major command systems with high-definition, unlimited size, and seamless features. On the screens of many display manufacturers, it can be seen that what they provide is not a display product, but a complete set of display solutions. The solutions range from wide to small, to small cables, to large outdoor monitoring equipment. Such an overall solution provider cannot compete with a vendor that sells display screens separately, and its profits are also different from the cloud. This kind of overall solution not only enables enterprises to have great competitiveness, but also can obtain more projects and more lucrative profits. It can also unite industries upstream and downstream through projects and even develop cross-strait allies. If a monitoring equipment provider receives a project and the project requires a display screen, it is of course a matter of priority as a perennial display partner. This expands the way companies obtain projects and indirectly increases the overall competitiveness of the company.

Cross-domain integration is an important development direction of the LED display industry. With led display as the core to create an industrial cluster from the project design to the post-maintenance and operation, the display manufacturers generally do not sell display screens as the main profit-making method. For example, in the industry, a certain company that goes deep into the sports field, an optoelectronic company that operates outdoor media, expands its business scope with display screens as bridgeheads. The display screen is not only a window for display, but also a window for industry integration across fields. In the cross-domain integration, although the display screen is irreplaceable in achieving the display effect, it is only a small part of the profits.

The display screen is an important part of the stage digital dance beauty, even at the core position, but its proportion of profit in the entire project is also shrinking. The stage project of the display screen has changed from the core of the enterprise to the core part of the display, from the previous providing of the display screen to the later providing a complete set of display solutions, and to the development of contents including the stage performance. The creation of stage plays, lighting, sound, and display effects have become part of the company's consideration of management. An East founder once said that a section of a sugarcane is very short, and you can't do it all. To eat more, you can't just stare at a section. Cross-domain integration eats more and eats more.

Seeing the status quo from history, the LED display industry unknowingly achieved an upgrade, and the scale and direction of the upgrade became more and more clear. With a led display as the core, the new pattern of radiation intervention in various ancillary facilities is becoming more apparent. The integration of the industry is not limited to the display itself, but begins with the integration of the project and the integration of design, construction, display, maintenance, and related project links and supporting facilities. Among them, design is the main direction for the current upgrade of the industry, and the competition among enterprises will also be reflected in this area. The overall program design and cross-domain integration will also be realized in this link.

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