Outdoor P10 1/2 Scan Full Color Front Maintenance Glass LED Panel

Outdoor P10 1/2 scan Full Color Front Maintenance Glass LED Panel LED screen companies 6 eat the "black hole" of corporate profits! Led display industry has developed to the present, it has shown that the industry is highly concentrated, the technology is becoming more mature, the raw...

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Outdoor P10 1/2 scan Full Color Front Maintenance Glass LED Panel  

LED screen companies 6 eat the "black hole" of corporate profits!

Led display industry has developed to the present, it has shown that the industry is highly concentrated, the technology is becoming more mature, the raw material prices tend to be transparent, and it is still in the period of rising prices of some raw materials. At the same time, the downstream customers are becoming more and more mature. The manufacturer's quotation can basically be used to infer product materials, because low-priced products are difficult to achieve high-matching screens anyway.

The small profit margins have become the bottleneck for the development of the entire industry. At the same time, due to the increasingly fierce market, most industries have entered the buyer's market that exceeds supply, and some companies in the industry chain have miscalculated the market and blindly expand production, resulting in many The production capacity cannot be digested. Even if the price of raw materials goes up again, the price increase of terminal products will be far behind.

Of course, with the success of upgrading and transformation of some enterprises, they are no longer confined to profit-seeking from products, but continue to learn from the brand value, business reputation, industrial chain optimization and other aspects to achieve profit conversion, but there are still many companies in the industry The road to transformation and upgrading has come a long way. Low product profits and non-stop consumption of its own corporate profits by other "black holes" have allowed us to share the following six kinds of black holes that eat up corporate profits. Lets come look:

Pursuing growth in performance, ignoring profit growth

Some of the heads of manufacturing companies often care very much about the scale, the number of technical equipment, the number of production capacity, and the number of sales. When they learned about the core issue of profit, they shook their heads again and again. Some of them even lost 3% of their profits. At the edge of the loss, this is still blind to expanding the market and blindly pursuing sales growth.

There are a number of domestic enterprises, holding an unlimited pursuit of sales, advertising investment, the results of the capital chain have been interrupted and died down. This kind of sales, which only sees rising sales, does not pay attention to profits. It is often done very large. It finally crashes.

Lack of service, take profit away

Many companies’ quality service is just a blind eye. Once they call to find service personnel, they immediately reply unclearly, do not know, this matter has nothing to do with me, let you find someone else... Such products, the next time you still Will you choose to buy it?

Of course, the employees of some companies may lack corresponding training and supervision. Some employees may even think that doing service work is inferior. This mentality and concept lead to a large number of customers in the company losing their services because of bad service, turnover and profits. The decline has become inevitable.

Employees are perfunctory and eat away profits

The work style of the staff was dragged down and their spirits were sluggish. This was seen in many state-owned enterprises and private enterprises. For example, due to the unfaithful and team building of a famous hosiery company in Yiwu, Zhejiang, the employees of each department fought with each other and the efficiency was very low. The company also had very low efficiency. After signing a ten-year labor contract with employees, this seemingly good contract adds a few additional conditions: once it resigns halfway, it is not allowed to work in the knitting needle industry for three years, and legal responsibility is also required.

Some employees also cultivated muddy styles. They had nothing to do with their hung. The dealers called for replenishment. No one managed. The salesmen were not willing to go out of business because many of the newspaper's accommodation and travel expenses. Delayed in giving reports, although the company is in the industry leading, because of this reason, a large number of franchisees lost, Shandong and other places in the market have been handed over to a rising star. The boss is busy listing money, real estate, may not care about these losses. However, such poor management, the loss caused by internal consumption will spread to the market and partners, and the impact will bring obstacles to the healthy and sustainable development of the company.

Product defect, give up profit

Many companies have good quality products, but they have overlooked some of the more easily noticeable details. For example, a famous juice drink, the various kinds of juices introduced occupy the best position on supermarket shelves, but PET packaging products have a common feature. Caps are very difficult. Open, especially a 10% orange juice drink, has a large mouth, but the bottle cap has to be opened with a lot of effort, and accidentally splashes the juice on the clothes. I often encounter this brand of juice. In such a situation, buying other brands is rare and may not be an individual phenomenon.

It is not uncommon for such products to have “small” problems. If there are suitable alternatives, will the loyal consumers of these brands convert brands?

Randomly launch price wars, sales promotion campaigns and burn off profits

The market economy has launched a price war. Advertising campaigns and sales promotion campaigns are common business practices. However, many companies have evolved their tactical behaviors into routine behaviors. They have long engaged in advertising bombing and price diving. Once the advertising broadcast frequency is slightly reduced, the terminal The goods appear to be unsalable. Once the promotion period is over, there will be a few months to sell.

Therefore, continuing the above-mentioned actions and stimulating sales growth, companies are trapped in such a vicious cycle. They must be aware that companies have fallen into blind comparisons and imitative follow-ups, lost their directions, and invested a great deal with little success. Exhausted, caught in the homogenized Red Sea, how long can this persist?

Inventory backlog, engulf profits

Many companies have good sales and profit conditions, but because the product has a clear season, it brings in a lot of inventory, and indigestible stocks take up a lot of money and cannot be put into reproduction.

This kind of profit is actually only on the books. In order to digest the inventory, at any cost, the sale is discounted. Even so, there are still a lot of backlogs that cannot be digested. In short, between the production and demand, whether the product itself is marketable, affect the level of corporate profits.

All these things, the profits of enterprises are getting less and less, and when the winter comes, it is even worse. Companies are facing unprecedented tests and torments. Without a solid accumulation of overwintering, how to survive the winter, the fundamental core of the company is profitability, and the pursuit of other Putting the cart before the horse is now the core issue of how we can improve our profits.

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