High Brightness P4.81 Outdoor Rental LED Screen

High Brightness P4.81 Outdoor Rental LED Screen

As one of the leading manufacturers, LED Visual is also known as one of the professional high brightness p4.81 outdoor rental led screen made in China for its advanced technology and quality products. Welcome to wholesale high-end LED products from us. Description: Easy assembly/disassembly, Far...

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Description: Easy assembly/disassembly, Far viewing short, Custom sizes, Meet sever weather, Support multi data format, HD security cameras, Wireless control etc.

1. The Display freely broadcast pictures, text, VCD/DVD, 3 dcartoon, television, video and other kinds of live programming.

2. High brightness, can see the clear under direct sunlight, adjust the brightness automatically

3. The company's cabinet as requirement: retanl/open by front etc.

4. Custom sizes can also be made

5. Optional HD security cameras with digital PTZ and can use video storage.

6. Meet all kinds of inclement weather of is suing the environment. The antisepsis, waterproof, moisture - proof, antisnow. Bear very low and hot temperature (25 oc - + 85 oc)

7. Multiform language editions, to the as English, French, Germany, Greek, the Russian and so on.

8. Can be connected with PC and the website, and also Can be controlled remotely via wireless controller

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