HD P2.5 Indoor Led Video Display Indoor Full Color Led Display Screen

With customized LED display solutions service for different projects available. Excellent heat dissipation ,free of fans and air conditions, excluding noise and reducing power consumption. Using high quality raw materials to ensure superior display performance.

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1.Concept of  LED Display :

LED is the abbreviation for light emitting diode. LEDs are arrayed breadthwise and lengthways with stable pitch that form LED matric-LED Display Screen. Each LED of the LED Display has a corresponding luminance control circuit. A computer controls the circuit, the circuit influence the brightness of each LED, then form the picture or letters we desire in the led display screen.






1.  Competitive prices, reliable quality


2,Super light and thin die-casting aluminum cabinet;


3.High refresh rate


4.Noiseless design;


5.Fine and smooth picture;

6.Seamless connection between cabinet;


7,High brightness

8. Fast installation and dismantlement.



Application Case:

Widely used for shopping malls, entertainment venues, schools, government agencies, trade fair, fair, aiming at the exhibition, press conference, meeting rooms, cinemas, airports, hotels, internal, station waiting area, outdoor stadium, and a variety of public facilities and etc.






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