HD P1.923 LED Display Small Pitch Indoor

High definition and could be adjusted, so it can meet the request of the customers according the application environments. >> Best equality, commendably solve the problem of the mosaic, have the excellent consistency of light. >> To picture, video and character, have clear, exquisite and real display effects. >> Big viewing angle to 160 degree at horizontal line, 140 degree at vertical line, you can see at every angle at this range, no brightness varies, no picture twists, no color excursion. >> Can repair each led lamp, so the cost of maintenance is lower, and easy to repair.

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Q1: What is the life time for a LED screen?

The life time for the LED screen is basically over 8 years, but it needs you to take care of your LED screen, such as adjust the brightness according to the environment and make it rest when working too long.

Q2: What is your package?

LED modules: carton package;
LED display for fixed installation: Plywood case;
LED display for rental use: Flight case.

Q3: What are the DIP, SMT and SMD?

DIP is double - line package, dual-in-line assembly;
SMT is surface mounted technology, one of the most popular technologies in electronic assembly industry;
SMD is surface mounted device.





Pixel pitch :1.923mm

Module size : 200X150mm

Cabinet size :400×300×60(mm)

Physical density : 270422dots/m2

Pixel configuration: 1R1G1B

Modules resolution: 104*78=8112 DOTS

Modules weight:  0.3kg

Cabinet resolution :208*156

Cabinet 0.12m2


Best viewing distance :2m~15m

Viewing angle Level>160°Optional


Average power consumption<400W/m2

Maximum power consumption<800w/m2

Control mode: synchronous control

Display card: DVI

Driving method :1/26 scaning

Frame Frequency >60Hz

Refresh frequency>1920Hz

Equilibrium brightness >800cd/m2

Display working voltage(VAC)

Brightness adjustment

Lighting sensor adjust automaticly

16 grade adjustable

Adjust by bands with software:100 grade adjustable

Computer system


Input signal


Control system

PCTV nonlinearity card, DVI display card,Linsn control system

Mean free error time >5000 hours

Lifetime: 75000~100000 hours

Pixel out of control rate  <0.0002 one case

Project classification: PH1.923-26S

Package : SMD 3in1

LED SMD 1010

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