HD full color indoor events stage rental led screen p4

High quality LED chip is adopted. The angle is large, the flatness is good, the antistatic property is strong, the brightness is attenuated and the wavelength stability is high The cabinet design standard, the same box size can be applied to different pixel display requirements, the advertising screen is more convenient for installation, the LED box is thinner and lighter saves transportation cost,

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stage rental led screen p4

1 high brightness

With ultra high brightness LED, the long distance is still visible under the strong sunlight

2 high uniformity

The color uniformity of the display screen is very high, and the display screen is more delicate.

3 flatness is good

The flatness requirement of the module mounting surface is controlled at plus or minus 0.1mm.

4 shows good results

Using the nonlinear point by point correction technique, the text is clearer and the sense of hierarchy is stronger

5 easy to operate

The contents of the computer editor are sent to the system control card to display the contents of editing, and the operation of the system is very convenient

6 resolution high

A perfect performance of high-definition graphics and fine colors, to some extent, is comparable to LCD

7 broad perspective

The angle of view is good, the wide view angle of 160 degrees is consistent with each luminous tube, and there is a larger viewing angle at the horizontal and vertical levels, which is suitable for the environment with large horizontal distribution and high drop height


P4 Technical Parameter

Indoor P4 01.jpg







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