Full Color P10 DIP 3in1 Outdoor Advertising LED Jumbotron Display

Full Color P10 DIP 3in1 Outdoor Advertising LED Jumbotron Display

Full Color P10 DIP 3in1 Outdoor LED Display has good sealing, high brightness, environmental adaptability is strong, suitable for long distance . is widely used in advertising,sports,industrial enterprises,transportation, station,wharf,airport, construction and other public places,etc.

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Item No:  P10(3IN1)-2M-4S-V1.3 

Type: DIP 3in1 Full color

Pixel pitch : 10mm                   

lamp : DIP5703 in 1

Driving method:1/4 scanning      

Brightness: ≥7500CD/m2 

Module structure:Combined driver board


The module characteristics:
●32*16 module resolution, module size 320mm*160mm , combined driver board structure, high reliability;

●the high brightness, low attenuation, high reliability, good consistency, strong ability to adapt to the environment;

● the module mask protect the whole the screen body to dustproof, sunburn protection, anti-collision directly with the LED chip, and extend the chips lifetime.
● Module PCB surface coating for
 moisture-proof, waterproof, anti-corrosion;
●multi-layer circuit board designthe current distribution more uniformity, power consumption lower, heat dissipation faster, extending the screen life effectively.
● Circuit protection with anti-jamming and black screen makes the screen more perfect;

 High strength reinforcement kits and modules Bottom chute design let the stronger and better smoothness.

●Breaking the traditional outdoor full color three lights discrete design, 3 in1 lamp makes the display more uniform mixing.



Diecast aluminum case characteristic

Box resolution 64*64, box size 640mm*640mm, one hand, saving installation time;

● The box is made of die-casting aluminum molding, CNC computer gongs finishing, high strength, high toughness, high precision, not easy to deformation;

The box around the connection using a fast locking mechanism, a handle is rotated 130 degrees to lock the two box, 10s can complete a box

● The body of the installation, high installation accuracy. The splicing and connecting fast, reliable, namely beautiful beautiful and can realize fast and real sense;

● Thermal design and thermal performance, excellent, without external fan, air conditioning, low noise; body weight, installation costs low; the low power consumption, saving operation;

Adopt special automobile waterproof tape behind waterproof, waterproof grade can reach IP65/IP54;

● Design line inside the box with the reasonable ring, the inner line more concise, beautiful.


Technical parameters

P10  DIP570 RGB 3in1 full color outdoor diecast display


Screen Technical parameters


SJ-p10 (3IN1)-2M-4S-V1.3

pixel pitch


encapsulation of led


Cabinets Display  Resolution


pixel composing

1R1G1B DIP 3in1

pixel density


driving mode

1/4 scan  constant current

module size


Diecast cabinets size


HUB type


Module quantity per cabinet


Weight of a cabinet


Mechanical grades


grey grade


brightness of white balance


viewing angle


viewing distance


Adjustable brightness grade

0-100%    0-255 grade

operating power source


operating power


Power consumption

Max 700W /  AV350W

Working environment temperature   

-20 ~ +60

Operating humidity

10-95% Relative humidity





Out of control rate


Protection grade

Front IP65, back IP54

Control system

synchronous control

Refresh rate


Frame frequency


Gray level correction

-5.0- +5.0

The output circuit support

The composite interface, S-Video, component, VGA, DVI, HDMI, high-definition standard data interface

Control distance

 cable ≤ 120m ,Optical fiber≥120m

Video graphics matrix support

1024x768 , 1280x1024, 1600x1200, 1920x1280

Brightness correction

Pixels, modules, cabinets


Diecast cabinets photos:


 Aging test and Application arae




9.jpgThe control part of the change, Note:

1, the live wire ,neutral wire can not reverse, should be plug according to original position strictly.  

2, after removed computer and other control devices, you should check connection cable, the control panel  without loosening before open the system.
3, can not tamper with communication lines, flat connection line position, length.
4, if found electrical short-circuit , burning, smoke and other abnormalities, should stop power test, and find the problem promptly.


The software operation Caution:

1, software backup: WIN2003, WINXP, applications, software installation program database. Recommends using "a key to restore" software, easy to operate.
2, master installation methods, raw data recovery, backup.
3, master control parameter settings, modifications to the underlying data preset,
4, skilled use of programs, operating and editing.
 5, regularly check for viruses, remove extraneous data.
6, the non-full-time staff, do not operate software system.





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