Best Price Full RGB SMD P5 LED Module P5 Outdoor Led Display

Best Price Full RGB SMD P5 LED Module P5 Outdoor Led Display

1. High brightness, high performance; 2. Extra perfect viewing and vivid images; 3. Most competitive price; 4. Good after-sale.

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Product Details

Outdoor P5 Fixed LED Display

Pitch Pixel

View Distance
5-50mAverage power290W
Module size160*160Refresh Rate
>1920Lifetime 100000hours

LED electronic screen media is divided into graphic display media and video display media, are composed of LED matrix blocks. 

Graphic display media can be synchronized with the computer display of Chinese characters, English text and graphics; video display media using micro-computer control, graphics, and Mao Mao, with real-time, simultaneous, clear information dissemination broadcast a variety of information can also display two Dimensional, three-dimensional animation, video, television, VCD programs and live broadcasts.


Outdoor P5 LED Display Characteristic  

  • Can be installed before the installation of the front wall to install LED small spacing solution, no maintenance channel, LED display can be close to the wall installation.

  • Module with magnetic structure, can be quickly removed from the box and installed, the speed of the box than the general installation of the market 5 times faster.

  • Wall fixed installation, directly with the old structure, the perfect alternative LCD.

  • Power, system cards and air head socket dual backup, the use of dual signal input, automatic detection of signal integrity. In the event of a power failure, another signal automatically intervenes to ensure that the LED display normal work.

  • Top and both sides of the hidden handle design, single hand easily extract the box. The box is surrounded by leak-proof light strip, so that patchwork more perfect.

  • The ultimate precision, die-cast aluminum box, perfect seamless, alignment slot + positioning pin design.


Dustproof . Waterproof . Anti-corrosion

The use of outdoor dedicated waterproof module and excellent sealing of the waterproof box, do not have to

worry about water vapor erosion screen unique mask design, dust and water anti-corrosion, protection level to IP65.


High Uniformity . Colorful

Wavelength deviation can be controlled at ± 2nm, chroma and brightness consistency of up to 99%, flatness ± 0.1mm, splicing gap <0.2mm, so that the color uniformity and consistency.

Seamless Stitching

Finishing the standard box, no significant gap between the box.


Application Area
  • Education and publicity: campus area, training institutions and other interactive systems.

  • Public places: airports, railways, subways, highways and other transportation industries, libraries, museums, shopping malls and other places of information reality.

  • Commercial presentations: TV studio, large-scale performances and commercial exhibition, hotel lobby, enterprises and other units.

  • Government departments: convenience propaganda, work guide, government affairs and so on.


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