320mm*160mm SMD P10 1/2 Full Color LED Digital Wall For Front Open

320mm*160mm SMD P10 1/2 Full Color LED Digital Wall For Front Open How does an LED display approach "intelligent" applications? From the beginning it was only able to display a single color, font, and now competes with LCD, DLP products, led display technology development is amazing....

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320mm*160mm SMD P10 1/2 Full Color LED Digital Wall For Front Open  

How does an LED display approach "intelligent" applications?

From the beginning it was only able to display a single color, font, and now competes with LCD, DLP products, led display technology development is amazing. In the continuous development of the industry, the industry structure has continued to change, rough development to fine production, the pace of shuffling has been accelerated, and the degree of centralization has increased, which has spawned large-scale enterprises and high-quality brands, and the industry will be more concentrated in the future. Will continue to change.

In recent years, industrial manufacturing has gradually peeled off from traditional manual manufacturing. Some manufacturers have used intelligent production equipment to realize intelligent integrated manufacturing. The transformation of companies from “manufacturing” to “intelligent manufacturing” is currently quite forward-looking. In the future, there will be many companies that will play a greater role in “intelligence”. Nowadays, companies continue to strive for breakthroughs in the issue of “intellectual building”, and national policies have also vigorously promoted this. The previous State Council executive meeting adopted the “Standardization and Quality Improvement Plan for Equipment Manufacturing Industry” to require docking of “Made in China 2025” and planning. It will further lead the upgrading of China's manufacturing industry. Implemented "smart manufacturing" and promoted new breakthroughs in the standardization of key areas such as robots. Faced with the concept of “intellectual-made” sweeping the world and the concept of “intellectualism” deepening, led display manufacturing industry has also fully realized the importance of “intellectualism” in recent years, and spy on the led display “intelligence” and “intelligence”. Application of "business opportunities, many led display companies in the LED smart applications above have made some practice, these practices are reflected in many aspects, such as home intelligence applications, business intelligence applications.

Home smart applications Today's technology development makes “smart” at your fingertips. In people’s lives, more and more automated facilities and smart devices make it convenient for users to save time and create unique experiences. As far as home intelligence applications are concerned, there are some smart products for LED display screens currently available in the market. However, they are still not ideal enough to meet the needs of the market and users. However, in the future of smart applications, smart applications for LED display screens will be applied in the future. It is not impossible for products to spread throughout the family. In response, we have made some bold conjectures in response to the trend of the times. When the first light of the morning shines into the room, the transparent LED smart display is your window. It senses the temperature inside and out, and instructs you to set the temperature of the air conditioner so that the room can maintain a comfortable temperature.

The clock on the wall is a large led display, which can automatically report time, but also provide you with an alarm wake-up service, only need to complete the voice settings. The smart display on the bedroom closet can act as a “mirror mirror”. On the screen where all the clothes in the closet are displayed, you only need to click lightly, and you can see the effect of your trying on the screen. It is very intimate. The toilet's LED smart products toilet, shower, washing machine, sink are all user-friendly design, the screen is high-definition smooth and transparent, can promptly sense the user's physical changes and use needs. The setting of the living room not only looks beautiful and warm, but also smart sofas, smart TVs, smart tables, etc. have unexpected features, smart sofas can automatically move and deform automatically; Smart TV can freely switch viewing modes, karaoke, watching movies, playing The game gives you a new high-tech luxury enjoyment; smart table can display the world food on the desktop LED screen, a variety of good food shop with you. The intelligent kitchen has a smart LED screen hood that keeps cooking away from fumes; the smart rice cooker can monitor the temperature of food in the pan and display it on the screen, allowing it to be used at a glance.

The smart kitchen also has a lot of smart kitchen utensils that can meet various user needs. In addition, there are many LED smart devices in the entire smart home room. Each of them has its own unique intelligent function, and there is an inductive relationship between them to jointly maintain the intelligent environment of the entire room. This is a complete set of led display smart home applications conjecture, of course, users can choose their own favorite products, the same can be perfectly used. Smart applications for business intelligence applications can be applied in many aspects. In addition to home applications, applications in business have gradually expanded over the past few years, such as: outdoor advertising, intelligent transportation, sports events, literary science and education. In terms of outdoor advertising, there have been bold ideas from the media that by 2050 outdoor advertising will adopt a virtual presentation mode, and all outdoor information will be completely personalized, addressable, and one-on-one. Machine-to-machine communication is used to replace machine-to-person communication. All advertising and partnership building, advertising information setting, display mode timing, and pricing will be completed by smart machines.

In terms of intelligent transportation, the current led display has been used in the setting of some domestic first-tier cities, such as bus platforms, highways, areas with high traffic flow in traffic hubs, scenic commercial streets, etc. In the future, led displays are in these areas. Applications will be more intelligent, digital, and networked. Through the introduction of led display intelligent application products, the commercial value of led display will gradually increase, and the cost and cost will be greatly reduced. In addition to the previous display reminding function, in the area of intelligent transportation, the LED smart display will be bound with the real-time information of the transportation network. The display screens of all traffic routes can be controlled in the LED screen of the traffic deployment headquarters. And display, through smart tips, can greatly reduce the city traffic congestion and reduce traffic accidents. In recent years, the application of led display screens in sporting events has gradually expanded. Through the live broadcast and broadcast of large screens, the audience can clearly know all the real-time dynamics of the scene at the scene. Although many companies are now involved in the sports field. However, there is still much room for improvement in the application of LED display in the sports field. It is expected that after the intelligent application of LED display in the future, it will be more humanized in the presentation of sports events. In the face of noisy scene, led display will Will cooperate with the radio equipment to minimize the noise of the scene; but also according to the volume of the fans shouting to change the brightness of the display to change the warm and cold.

In the field of literary science and education, led display also has many applications. In the future when the teacher is in class, the blackboard will become a led display. This display can automatically change the courseware, and can also provide voice prompts when the students are not paying attention to the lesson and improve teaching. effect. After class, through the led display, students can easily access related learning materials. In terms of literature and art, some cultural centers, libraries, and exhibition halls have smart led displays, which will show the works more perfectly and give visitors more intuitive and real feelings. People can freely choose the content and form they want to watch. Some foreign works can also be translated into Chinese or comics through the LED display to help visitors understand. After the clarion call of smart production equipment intelligent applications was sounded, many insiders were also very worried. In view of the current manufacturing situation, smart production equipment is indispensable, especially after the rise of smart products, for manufacturers. The production pressure will increase, and only intelligent production equipment can separate the manufacturing industry from the traditional manual manufacturing and embark on the road of smart production. In this regard, led display companies have almost never dabbled, and there is no corresponding LED intelligent production equipment on the market.

Intelligent production equipment is a great boon to the factory. Manufacturers can reduce production costs through intelligent production, and can also appropriately reduce the burden on workers' production. This is a tool to promote the development of the manufacturing industry. At present, some domestic manufacturers have also made a lot of practice for smart production equipment, and some companies have also achieved good results. Just think, if led display companies are also aware of the importance of smart production equipment, and the development of a series of smart production equipment, then these devices will have what function? The editors conjecture that these devices will have self-detection, self-diagnosis and self-control functions, can guarantee the automation and quality of products, and truly realize the requirements of information and interaction, thus making it an organic part of intelligent production. In this way, the led display industry will rise to a new stage.

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